Wim Hof (The Ice Man)

The Ice Man Shares His Secrets and Benefits of Withstanding Extreme Cold

Wim Hof is a Dutch world record holder, adventurer and daredevil, commonly nicknamed the Iceman for his ability to withstand extreme cold.

Hof holds twenty world records including a world record for longest ice bath. He broke his previous world record by staying immersed in ice for 1 hour, 13 minutes and 48 seconds at Guinness World Records 2008. The night before, he performed the feat on the Today Show.

Wim describes his ability to withstand extreme cold temperatures as being able to “turn his own thermostat up” by using his mind.

In February 2009 Hof reached the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in his shorts within two days.

In 2007 he climbed to 6.7 km(21,982 ft) altitude at Mount Everest wearing nothing but shorts, but failed to reach the summit due to a recurring foot injury.

In 2009 Hof completed a full marathon (42.195 kilometres (26.219 mi)), above the arctic circle in Finland, in temperatures close to −20 °C (−4 °F). Dressed in nothing but shorts, Hof finished in 5 hours and 25 minutes. The challenge was filmed by Firecrackerfilms, who make productions for BBC, Channel 4 and National Geographic.

Hof again broke the ice endurance record in 2010 by standing fully immersed in ice for 1 hour and 44 minutes in Tokyo, Japan.

According to Maria Hopman of the UMC St Radboud Nijmegen, the things that Wim is capable of are scientifically viewed as impossible. Maria Hopman did a cold physiological experiment on Wim and examined him while he stood a cylinder filled with 700 kilograms ice cubes. An untrained person would likely die from hypothermia; Wim, however, has never had that risk. His body temperature remained constant around 37 degrees Celsius; Hopman expected his temperature to drop over. She thinks it´s possible that Wim can influence his autonomic nervous system, which regulates, among other things, the heart rate, breathing and blood circulation. Yet, her head is filled with many questions like: How can a man raise his metabolism twice as high without any increase of heart rate? How is it possible that Wim does not shiver while this would be the normal reaction of a body exposed it to extreme cold? Hopman is continuing her investigation on Wim to find the answers to her questions.

You know what else? You can do this too! Wim Hof has several breathing exercises and cold-water training that made him able to deliver this performance.

Ice Man

Show Highlights:

-Going into the grief; Wim tells us about the suicide of his wife and how that tragedy led him to this path

-Raising the pH with breathing techniques to tolerate pain better

-Wim explains the deep breathing technique he uses

-Decalcifying the pineal gland

-Stimulating the vascular system by taking cold showers

-How adapting the body to cold temperatures strengthens the immune system

-How Wim’s method differs from the Buteyko method

and so much more!!!! This is a podcast to pass around. Thank you!

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wim hoff with breathing techniques that may be life changing, october 6, 2015

'Wim Hof – The Ice Man Shares His Secrets and Benefits of Withstanding Extreme Cold – October 6, 2015' have 2 comments

  1. October 8, 2015 @ 12:41 am johnny Danger

    one cool dude!


  2. October 11, 2015 @ 5:39 pm Mark Selawry

    Fascinating interview. To think that there might be something as simple as a breathing technique to help “manage” one’s autonomic nervous system! I’m going to take his course. Seems a perfect compliment to healing cancer, as it covers immune system, pH, pain, and oxygen levels, including underlying emotional factors.


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