By Augustus Dunning

Reprinted from MyHydroLife

Many of us have been exposed to chemicals that are now stored in the fat cells of the body, sequestering them in a place where they can do the least damage to the system. But, when we exercise, the body releases those fat cell stores and also releases the toxins stored and they will travel inside the body until they are re-sequestered.
In the last issue of Hydrolife, I told you about suppressing the glucuronidase enzyme using Calcium D-Glucarate, and I left off with a mention of the toxicity of mercury in the body. I am here now to expand on this. Mercury gets into the body by exposure from food, dental amalgams, mercury in vaccinations, air and sometimes in contaminated fish. The mercury atoms move around because they have an electron charge like a north and south pole of a magnet and are attracted to the opposite charge in organ-specific tissue, nerves and the building blocks of the nerves.
The most dangerous effect of mercury in the mouth, specifically, is its ability to move into the body tissues and cause damage to nerve growth. It does this by binding on the surface of the micro tubule structures on a growing nerve produced by the nerve endings to grow the nerves for more connections. After viewing a video called The Smoking Tooth available on YouTube, it should become clear that not only are we exposed by external sources of mercury contamination, our mercury amalgam fillings are producing trillions of mercury ions that can travel into the body in the normal metabolic pathways to find themselves in the cells—the space between the cells and in the brain next to growing nerves.
How is this happening? It’s done by ionic mimicry of the actual element that is needed by the body. The term ionic mimicry was coined by the chemist Karen Wetterhahn-Jennette in her landmark paper, “The role of metals in carcinogenesis: biochemistry and metabolism” published in 1981. Ionic mimicry refers to the ability of a cationic form of a toxic metal to mimic an essential element or cationic species of an element at the site of a transporter of that element. For instance, calcium is needed in the nerve synapses as a positive +2 electron charge atom (Ca++), but so is lead (Pb++). It is this atomic charge that allows atoms and molecules to be dragged around in the body by oppositely charged atoms and molecules to move into organs and nerves. This risk is increased if you are Ca++ deficient. The body will accept a mimic in error because the body is a machine that is operated by charge—a negative or a positive so any +2 charged ion will be accepted in place of the correct one.
Some of you may already be taking CoQ12 (an oil-soluble, vitamin-like substance) as an antioxidant. It is naturally made in the body, but supplementation is a good idea for longevity and to protect the mitochondria. The reason itis such a great antioxidant is because it is a superb electron donator providing lots of (-) charged electrons to neutralize oxidated atoms and compounds. For instance, the body makes oxygen radicals (O2+) during the synthesis of the energy molecule that keeps us warm and alive, ATP, in the mitochondria inside the cells. These O2+ radicals are deficient in an electron and will attack any molecular surface, like the cell membrane or the mitochondria walls to steal electrons and attain a balance neutral charged state. In the process, they break the electron bonds of the place they stole the electron from damaging the cell. So these anti “oxidants” are needed for their abundance of electrons to neutralize oppositely charged oxygen radicals before they tear into the cell structure of the mitochondria.
Mercury is drawn to the charge on the surface of the tubules changing their charge and destroying their ability to assemble and grow nerves. And this is why mercury is so dangerous. It collects in the heart muscle and valves; it collects in the brain and in the joints. It affects mood and concentration and can cause sinus congestion. It is found in the skin and nails. It can decrease the ability of the eye to focus and reduces night vision. It can inflame lymph nodes, affect sleep and reduce the function of the immune system. In only microgram amounts, it can have a cascade effect on the destruction of nerve tissue and cause life-long suffering if not removed from the body where it is stored, and as it comes in.
Fortunately, there are several agents to get mercury and other damaging metal ions out of the body’s cells. Some commonly used agents are Dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA) and Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA). They are effective, but they also strip out a lot of the good elements because they are mineral chelators. Weed killers that use glyphosate do this same thing. Glyphosate is a chelator, that’s how it kills weeds. It strips out all the mineral elements and minerals are essential for life—the weed dies from lack of essential nutrient minerals and the plant cannot operate its genetics to live. When people eat residual glyphosate on food it has that same negative effect over time.
A better way is to empty the body of toxic minerals is by using Chlorella and cilantro. Most people recognize cilantro as the Mexican spice in salsa, but Chlorella, a form of single-cell green algae, has the highest amount of DNA and RNA of any food source and fed the Aztecs for several centuries. Chlorella is also effective at binding with mercury to get it out of the deep tissues and from the brain. Matt Monarchs’ “Raw Food World” is the place online where I get it and Matt only sells organic clean food at his site. I prefer oral chelation over intravenous since it can be done safely at home. If you have been severely exposed to these toxic metals, the research findings promote a regimen of Chlorella (four to 16 grams a day), or cilantro extract (10 to 15 drops in hot water four times a day).
I take 50 Chlorella tablets every day and make fresh salsa with cilantro, onion, tomato, garlic, lemon and hot jalapeño pepper every day. Over time the cilantro provides critical phyto-chemicals and antioxidants to protects cells and supplies the correct replacement minerals while at the same time the cilantro and chlorella take the deep tissue mercury out along with lots of other nasty incorrectly charged mimic elements like calcium+, magnesium+, chromium+, copper+, manganese+, molybdenum+, aluminum+, antimony+, barium+, cesium+, cadmium+, nickel+, mercury+, thallum+, tungsten+, lithium+ and strontium+.
All of that above being said, as people don’t have an ability to get these mimic elements out of the body, they will accumulate and the body will suffer and aging and illness are the absolutely only endgame. Once these things are removed, we can start rebuilding and restoring health. We don’t need more health care, we need more health.

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