4th February 2015

By Ian Brown

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Do you talk to your cells? You should be. Having a conversation with your cells can be of benefit in all areas of life, including your spiritual progress.

Your body is made up of billions of cells, all working in unison to provide a vehicle for you to live your life. We know that many functions of the body are handled automatically by the parts of the brain that do not require conscious effort, such as breathing, digestion and heart rate. At its lowest level, these functions are just a group of cells working together to achieve a goal.

But we also know that some of these bodily functions can be controlled and changed by conscious effort, such as concentrating to slow down one’s heart rate. Therefore, it follows that we can communicate with our cells and our cells react appropriately – asscience has began to demonstrate. [Learn more:Scientists Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies.]

When you talk to your cells, you are focusing your consciousness inwards, which is a healthy exercise in itself. This has a similar effect to following your breath-work, or any other task that focuses the mind away from the external and into the self.

There are two techniques for talking to your cells. It is really a matter of which feels more appropriate for you. One is to talk to a single cell, and the other is to talk to all of your cells at once. Why do they both work? Because all of your cells are connected.

Single cell communication

Let your mind wander and then bring focus to a single cell – no matter where it is. It could be in your brain, in your blood traveling around your system; in your bones, or in an organ. Don’t worry too much about where it is, but hold that connection with the thought of that cell for as long as possible. Visualise it. Imagine it surrounded by other cells. Then start talking to it, either quietly in your mind or out loud.

Broadcast to all of your cells

Relax, and take a few moments to feel your body, just as you might at the commencement of a meditation. Think for a moment how every single part of your body is basically cells. Billions of them. Every moment they are working from the instructions they were created with, but they are always ready to receive new instructions from the boss (that is you!)

Things to say to your cells

Cells respond to emotions in a similar way we do. Loving, reassuring words and thoughts help cells; and the opposite is true also.[Learn more:The Science Of Epigenetics – How Our Minds Can Reprogram Our Genes.]

I love you.
  • Yes, those three simple words tell your cell(s) you are aware of them, and send unconditional love. Think of it as a wake-up to our cells that the boss is talking to them.
Release anything that no longer serves me.
  • Cells are hoarders – of emotions, of thoughts, and of previous experiences – and nothing is given up unless you tell them to let go. Clearing and releasing happens on the physical, mental, emotional layers. If you ask your cells to give up that which no longer serves you, you will find that cells have their own innate intelligence that will commence this process. This may bring up for you emotional, mental and physical symptoms. These are temporary and will pass.
Bring to the surface skills and knowledge for my highest good.
  • Almost all cells in the human body contain your DNA (red blood cells, for example, do not contain DNA as there is no nucleus in the cell). Within the DNA is the encoding DNA which is the protein sequences that make us who we are physically, and non-encoding or ‘junk DNA’. Thisso-calledjunk DNA contains a wealth of information, such as skills and knowledge developed over past lives. Some may call this our personal Akashic record. As we awaken spiritually, we can bring through more of this knowledge about who we truly are to our conscious mind, and leverage this knowledge in our current lifetime. [Learn more: Junk DNA: Our Interdimensional Doorway to Transformation]

Remember, the more you talk to your cells, the more results you will have.

About the author:

Ian Brown is a Complimentary Therapist and Ascension Counsellor in Melbourne, Australia. He is committed to helping people work through their spiritual awakening, and offers services to assist with addressing issues of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. He is also vegan and is passionate about the environment.

You can connect with Ian at Facebook.com/MotherEarthFatherSun