Kristen Ragusin


The End of Scarcity

Through her more than 30 years of experience managing over $150M in client assets at Merrill Lynch and Raymond James, Kristen learned all about the monetary system and finances.

After the 2008 crash, Kristen set out to unravel & solve some of humanities most crucial belief systems about the monetary system itself. That is exactly what she accomplishes in her new book, The End Of Scarcity

Kristen worked for the big banks and in 2007 she knew she had to dig in and understand how this system works and over fifteen years, she wrote, “The End of Scarcity”

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Wealth and money are not the same thing

With each loan of any kind new money comes into circulation and the ultimate force for rising prices

How’s the inflation of the 70’s compared to today?

She explains the boom and bust cycles created by the FED and the private banks that own it.

the banks now have cart blanche on creating as much money as they desire. No limits.

It is impossible for humans to be totally free in a debt based system using credit and only Federal Reserve Notes

Kristen believes communities, counties and states will be creating their own script and get creative with block chain as well.

She has two chapters on how Public Citizen State Banks would end state and property taxes forever


'Kristen Ragusin | Money Is Debt That We Create When We Borrow; If We Don’t Go Into Debt, the Whole Thing Crashes | January 24, 2023' have 2 comments

  1. January 26, 2023 @ 9:09 pm Guyfranke

    Wonder why every speaker says we really don’t have money we just have debt.
    People on the street walking with cash and coin (circulating currency) in their pockets from laboring the prior week don’t see that as debt. Money is in their pockets and they are ready to purchase with it and they can.
    I feel that people in general do not understand this statement that all money is debt. To them it is purchasing power in their pockets for the present.
    If they carry some debt service then they pay it but cash in the pocket buys things in the present. How is that debt ?


    • January 27, 2023 @ 1:05 am Andy

      This money that you are referring to is actually Fiat Currency. The government says that it is an instrument in payment of all debts, that’s what the Fiat means. So the power of the government makes everyone accept this fiat currency in financial transactions. The fact is that new units of this fiat currency are created when a debt is created (such as borrowing in order to buy a house). So in essence this is indeed debt. The bank note part is a promise to pay, before 1933 anyone who had a dollar note could go to a bank and cash it in for real money. So for instance a $20 bank note could be traded in for a $20 gold Double Eagle coin. Nowadays neither the paper bank notes nor the coin “tokens” have any real value. The pre-1964 silver coins today retain value because they are made of precious metals.


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