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Show Highlights:

-Patrick shares a dream he had about a crocodile and plays a song from Peter Pan

-Comment from a listener:I heard Anne Gittlemanonyour radio show. A friend of mine is a friend of hers and speaks very highly of her.

FYI – Dr. Gregers latest videos CD, which has to be purchased to be heard now, as it will be released over the coming months, has two vidoes on—

Anne mentioned the Eskimos and no heart disease study, so long believed. As it turns out the original study was flawed and made false assumptiosn that the Eskimos had no heart disease. They actually do have it, and did have heart disease, as proven by autopsies of old Eskimo’s. The original study making this claim was faulty and it was never true. They actually have more heart disease then most populations.

Second, the French paradigm is also false and never was true. See, the study was done before the French had shifted their diets, for a long enough time, to a more modern harmful diet, and so the effects of that harmful diet had not yet manifested in the French yet/then. So when adjustments were made for this oversight, the French are no different then us, same amount of disease. Wine had no beneficial effect. In fact—

A Greger video in this series shows that the scientist who did the main Resveratrol study faked his results and wasted millions of taxpayer dollars. He got into a lot of trouble over it. In fact, a study shows that Reseveratrol is actually harmful, not helpful!

Atom Bergstrom writes in:Paul Twitchell wrote, “The sun that never sets is visible only to the naked soul.”Chemistry creates the illusion of TIME.Synchronizing with LIGHT removes the illusion of TIME.LIGHT goes nowhere and takes no time to get there.The speed of TIME equals the speed of LIGHT, which is ZERO, not 186,000 miles per second.Do less and accomplish more.Do nothing and accomplish everything.

-Patrick talks the monetary system, the definition of a dollar, and investing in gold and silver numismatic coins

-Did you catch our show with Ellie Drake yesterday? It’s a a motivating one so check it out ;-)

-John, from Indiana, calls in to talk about Ann Louise Gittlemean’s show, adding fat to the diet, and why some nutritionists continue to push low fat diets. One of our listeners writes in:Good morning! I have my under graduate and graduate (Columbia University) degree in nutrition, and I’ve learned more from your guests than my years in “school”….
Donna nyc💚

-Mike calls in from Chattanooga to talk about digestion; why can’t he heal? He ponders his laziness in sticking to a plan. Mike shares information he obtained personally from Dr. William Kelly on how Dr. Kelly healed his own cancer. Could the artificial sweeteners that were introduced in the 80s be the culprit for all the liver damage today?

-Patrick talks about using aloe vera juice to help heal the gut

-A listener suggestsGreat Lakes Collagen to soothe the gut

Atom Bergstrom writes in about beans:Amylase/trypsin inhibitors (as in under-cooked beans) encourage cancer and celiac disease via the small intestine, the body’s largest endocrine gland.
Over-cooked beans destroy all these ATIs.Pancreatic enzymes (amylase and trypsin) for cancer originated in France in the mid-1800s, and Dr. John Beard’s The Enzyme Treatment of Cancer was published in 1901.

-Patrick talks about how he’s doing on his quest to find a wife

-Patrick forgot to announce this week’s tee shirt winners, but here they are:Ellen from Portland,
Mike from Chattanooga andLance from California. The winners need to contact Patrick ASAP with their addresses

and so much more!!!!

open phone friday with you and patrick, december 11, 2015, hour one

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