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Yesterday’s, (Thursday, June 14), Dr. Martin Hart said that mold exposure was prevalent in his practice and recommended this company for easy in home testing.  For one or more rooms.  We’ve not used this company, but are posting here as his recommendation came a “timely” time with all of our talk about mold issues

Divine Spirit will get the message to you even if it gets messy. Simple example of Patrick acting on a desire to make a morning drink when his intuition, Spirit, suggesting having nothing this morning will work the best for all involved.

What is commonly called stress is simply to start, having a human body and interacting in physical reality.  Tension of any kind creates subtle blockages of energy, that are the root cause of what is known as “Disease.”

Buddha talked of “Right Livelihood” and as we look deeply into this idea it makes o much sense, it boggles the mind..

Pros and Cons of Dry fasting

Longevity of the body demands several concepts..a few are:  faith that all will be well,  trusting this without looking back, surrendering to Spirit, who we are, and relaxing into who we are…God.

We muse on the necessity of spending $2.000 for a distiller. and research and find that all good and affordable distillers rid the water of fluoride.

Candida and other fungi are actually eating away at the body because they believe it is dying.  And it is..but doesn’t have to be fatal.

When a body is put into a hermetically sealed coffin, bugs eat up the body because they are there in us to the tune of 80% of us is composed of bacteria

Patrick vacillated for years in doing a thyroid blood panel.  He had one done, and the next day understood clearly from authority of merit that while the numbers may be interesting, taking thyroid pig thyroid is still treating the symptom and not the cause.

Listener wants to know how to get rid of tape worms and Patrick directs her to this document on our site written by Hulda Clark

Bridget calls in from Florida with some glowing reports on her experience with Living Streams Products

Patrick asks folks to make sure they order these products through one radio network links to insure ORN gets credit for the sale.  We don’t get credit if an order is taken by telephone or going direct to site and bypassing One Radio Network.

Bridget suggests movement with awareness the Atlas will stay in neutral position with out the work of a chiropractor.  We agree.

Some of the emails discussed:  Be cause time is all now, past, present and future the plants know what is going to happen and grow where they will be needed. they are more highly evolved.

Atom says:  

An accurate thyroid test shows four things … 1) TS     2) T4   3) Total T3  4) Reverse T3
Balancing the entire body balances the thyroid, not the other way around.

A listener suggests distillation does not remove deuterium in water that is harmful and Atom writes:  

High deuterium is a longevity element.   It’s in glacial water and Arctic water.
I got the rest shield pyramid for my home and use it inn n the bedroom. what is the difference between Ken Rohlas rest shield and the blue shield by Brandon Amalini. would they be any issues using both?  The answer  both are better than one…and we explain.
been using some of Wayne Blakely’ s products. really notice something happening. going to fog the house in July sometime. just need to get a fogger.. thanks for your wonderful show. you’ve touched so many lives. ☺ Love and blessings to you,
I was practically jumping up and down when Wayne Blakely said that the only reason bugs like Candida attack us is because it thinks we are dying and need to be de-composed. I had thought the exact same thing a few days before that. Keep it up with the great guests!

Open Phone Friday with you and Patrick, June 15, 2018 ONE

Open Phone Friday with you and Patrick, June 15, 2018 TWO

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