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Patrick and Sharon talk with listeners, and each other, pondering emailed questions from the audience, taking a look at the latest news, and having a lot of fun. You’re invited to participate; we’d love to hear from you!


Show Highlights:

-Tony P. says to give Vitamin B2 for fleas. Need to get the flea larvae. A popular new flea spray is based on colloidal silver. Patrick sprayed 500 ppm monoatomic colloidal silver from Gary Hanna on Doodle, saw fleas leave. Also sprayed NyGuard IGR (Insect Growth Regulator). – a biological nontoxic IGR that kills eggs and larvae and prevents mature adults from having babies. Sold at DoMyOwn Sulfur also keeps fleas away.

-Atom says Wikipedia is amazing reliable but is more biased than Quackwatch.

-Cacoa has more beneficial substances and is better for the heart than ouabain, per Atom. Chocolate is given on Valentine’s Day because it’s good for the heart.

-Chronic illnesses in people as young as 35-40 seem to be coming more prevalent.

-“It takes a balanced individual to perceive that the world he perceives depends upon his attitude.” Harold Klemp.

-Amanda Love said in her muscle testing of people, almost everyone tests well for small heritage potatoes, e.g. Yukon gold, blue, and purple, but not Russet potatoes. Dr. Davis says they turn to sugar. Atom sayings cooking potatoes so they are dextrinized turns the sugar to protein. The ketones combine with ammonia to produce quality protein.

-Atoms says that when people store anger in their belly, it becomes an energetic pattern, and other emotions will store in that spot too. Eat something outrageous to blow the circuits on the pattern.

-Dr. Davis and Dr. Jubb both called grains undigestible proteins. All the sugars are really the cause of heart problems, not meat.

-Anyone want to do the experiment of eating one egg an hour?

-Atom says a doctor issued a report of using cacao to ward off heart attacks back in 1895.

-Listener reports attending a herbal symposium which featured a lymphatic breast massage using a chocolate paste. Dried chocolate was left on the breast overnight. Chocolate contains beneficial nutrients for the breast.

Hour 2

-Patrick McGean says organic sulfur has demonstrated resolution of every addictive substance. Lack of oxygen causes pain. Be sure to take sulfur with lots of water. The increase in oxygen comes from water, not the sulfur itself.

-At the World Egg-Eating Championship contest, Joey Chestnut ate 141 eggs in 8 minutes.

-Robert said he tested negative for Hepatitis C after taking the $80,000 med for Hep C. Antibodies high now. He has 3 MTHFR strikes, started taking methylfolate regularly. Patrick says spirit can overcome any genetics, if you believe. Epigenetics rule. But continue on with helpful supplements.

-Can you take too much sulfur?

-Showtime film, “Becoming Cary Grant”. In his later years, he found inner peace in his over 100 LSD sessions. Died at 82.

-Carol talks about removing blockages and scar tissue resulting from emotional and physical trauma. Whatever runs through our psyche gets recorded in the tissue. An enlarged view of the brain – it functions through the whole body. What is the color you think of with the situation? Each color has different connections. E.g. red is moving trauma, orange is sexual, yellow is decision making. Color reverses on the back of the body. Everything we perceive is through light, which breaks down into the color spectrum. The less medication we’re taking, the more responsive the body and the more the light can be accessed. Somewhere within us is all of time and all that has existed. Gives a plug for what One World Whey and colostrum did for her when her arm got crushed. Accessing the initial trauma allows your body to take over and make its own choices; you no longer need the healer.

Hour 3

-Would ozonated water be good to drink with the sulfur?

-Steve says fleas don’t like rosemary. Make a rosemary sachet or tea for your pet.

-Dr. Oz slammed cansema and Greg Caton on his show. Is Dr. Oz a made man?

-Azure Standard reports Sherman County is trying to force their 2,000 acre organically certified farm in Oregon to spray Roundup and other toxic herbicides at Azure’s expense. County is not happy with control of noxious weeds like Morning Glory, Canada Thistle, and Whitetop; they want total eradication. Complain by email before 5/17/17 to or call Lauren at 541-565-3416 at Sherman County and raise your concern.

-Contemplation is more effective than meditation.

-Nebulizing Gary Hanna’s Nature’s Pure Organics monoatomic copper or gold with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Also monoatomic colloidal silver, Miracle Healing Clay, and emu oil.

-Fake it until you make it. Putting study participants in an environment of their youth restored youthfulness of their cells.

-We can’t get younger if we carry around an image of our face that is older than what we want.

-Do they not want us to live longer because we would become much more enlightened and know what is going on? It’s only the lower worlds keeping us down. We’re here to learn our lessons.

-Listener diluted a few drops of spikenard oil and put on soles of the feet at night. Experienced deeper dreams. Ayurvedic considers it to have medicinal healing properties. Is crème de la crème of essential oils.

-Bridgette sends love and has an unhappy tooth. It’s been oozing, tooth looks dark. Trying clay internally and packed around the tooth, waiting for colloidal silver to come. If it needs to be pulled, don’t drive more than 3 miles after the procedure so a clot will form and prevent a cavitation. Sleep sitting up the first night. Loves the Andreas seed oils – has tried cumin, flax, 5-seed blend, coriander.
Has an Airbnb at Seagrove Beach, has a fenced 1 acre, can bring your dog. Is near Seaside, location of “The Truman Story”.

-Only 5 people a year die from a shark attack.

and more!!

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