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When Anything Goes…
And Usually Does!!!

Patrick talks with listeners, pondering emailed questions from the audience, taking a look at the latest news, and having a lot of fun. You’re invited to participate; we’d love to hear from you!


Show highlights:

-Far-reaching effects can follow change of consciousness.

-We are made from Spirit.  The body is what we’ve created from our thoughts and dreams.  Let go and let God.

-When we give 100% to take care of ourselves, Spirit will take care of the rest.

– Doodle’s great heart rate and burst exercise.

-Listener asks if the elite are good at manifesting things.

-Socialists have nothing but want to share it with everybody.  The merits of capitalism.

-Doodle and Patrick have some more work to do before Doodle can get her Good Citizenship certificate.

-Atom’s YouTube video shows how to nail strike to grow hair and change the color from gray.  Patrick is telling his hair it’s okay to go back to its natural color.  Herbs Forever has Hair Health herbs with black sesame seed in it.

-Atom says it’s how the body gets to its heart rate and not the heart rate itself that counts.

-Elon Musk takes the safety of his employees very seriously.

-Ivan says fermented foods allegedly produce unhealthy side chemicals.  Do we benefit from fermented foods?

-Knowing vs. believing?  What are techniques we can use to move beyond belief?

Part Two

-George discussed going through the grieving process in response to financial reversal and Trump becoming president.  He talked about his investments.  His advice: don’t follow the news.

-Patrick wore Forest Cologne – Radiant Earth of Deep Delight from Living Libations and his date told him he smelled nice.  Sale at Living Libations until 6/25.

-Matt asks: Is gray hair an indicator of poor health?  Says we are each our own best expert. The body listens to what we tell it.  Energy flows where our consciousness goes.

-Monika’s husband was in a car accident and has an inflammed swollen neck, muscle spasms, and extreme pain.  What to do?  Turmeric, near infrared red light therapy, epsom salts.

-Atom says sage steeped in olive oil helps hair growth and muscle strength.   Soak for at least a few days and apply to skin or hair and/or on food.  Sage is an antioxidant that preserves olive oil too.

-How to buy stocks?  Go through a broker.  Email J.B. at for futures trading and other options.

-D says the Chinese tonic herb He Shou Woo stimulates hair growth.  A new moon is the time for new beginnings.

-Adapt 2030 has videos on climate cooling.

-Atom says we can recruit our omnipotent stem cells to do our bidding.  The beaker boys want us to believe stem cells are a high-tech medical marvel instead of  a “universal life function”.  Carbon dioxide activates our own omnipotent stem cells in the comfort of our own homes.

-Call 800-968-7964 for a consultation with Nuva, Patrick’s Ayurvedic guy. is very knowledgeable about hair and balding.

-Nancy sends her love for sulfur and for Patrick.


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Open Phones for Summer Solstice and new beginnings, June 23, 2017, Part Two

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