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Patrick and Sharon talk with listeners, and each other, pondering emailed questions from the audience, taking a look at the latest news, and having a lot of fun. You’re invited to participate; we’d love to hear from you!

Open Phones 7

Show Highlights:

-Chuck from Alberta wins a Tie-Dyed ORN T-shirt.

-Legal challenge fund-raising update: $14,000 from GoFundMe, $3,000 from PayPal

-Patrick’s tale of being a revolutionary and how it got him into IRS trouble. We’ll follow Andrew Gause’s advice about not poking the giant in the eye.

-Cell salts – are minerals in homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies book, cell salts, in ORN store. #10 remedying Patrick’s IRS acidosis.

-Changing state of consciousness affects the body. Body-mind-soul are one unit. Staying out of fear. Sharon cautions Patrick to be aware that heart attacks happen after the problem resolves.

-Whey-colostrum as a meal.

-Emailer warns he experienced a 2-day serious detox from P73 oreganol on spine in sauna. Then felt good. Use oreganol with carrier oil. Important to hydrate and be mineral replete when using sauna.

-Relax FIR sale nearing end so don’t miss out

-What’s so wrong about with illegal immigrants? Sharon and Patrick discuss immigration problems and becoming proper Americans

-Ideas for healing from chronic Lyme Disease and cluster headaches.

-Dee from California likes an enema protocol using MMS as a gas. Search on Kerry Rivera, Andrea Kalcker, chlorine dioxide enema.

-How to make a difference. Parents need to walk it, not talk it.

-Gold and silver up strongly, dollar down. JB says due to bad jobs report. Andy says there are 500 ounces paper gold circulating to 1 physical gold.

-Scott the Trader blogging soon on ORN.

-John in Dallas asks about MMS side effects. Oregano oil use for shingles.

-Jane asks about menopausal hot flashes and balancing hormones.

-Edgar Cayce remedy. sulfur salts clear toxins on thyroid receptors.

-Sharon raves about beets.

-Bridgette has friend with neck pain. Wants info about knee chest-upper cervical work.

-Jim Humble has new ways to take MMS.

-Has David Wolfe become a ‘flat-Earther’? We talk about a flat Earth and fake moon landings.

-Sharon asks for photographers’ comments on authenticity of moon landing pictures. Did we land on the moon? Unless you look at something for yourself, you do not know the truth.

-All governments lie so they can take your stuff.

-6 giant corporations control the media. Talk shows – all conservative, no progressive ones.

-Nielsen says we watch/listen to more than 10 hours a day of programming.

-Don in Springboro, Ohio wants to see the 9 FRED graphs. Will post to Andy Gause’s show page.

-Can’t sell without a buyer. Perils of waiting out market lows. A million dollars in 1913 now has purchasing power of $19,000. A million dollars in gold in 1913 now has $62 million purchasing power. Gold is time. Value things in terms of ounces of gold to purchase. Clipping coins.

-Ross Perot says in a fast changing world, human nature is the one thing that doesn’t change.

-Atom Bergstrom writes in: Excess cleansing often involves guilt, especial if not rebuilding.

-To sweat more in sauna, first soak feet in warm water for 5 minutes.

-Organ transplantation – is the donor dead?

and more!!

open phone friday with sharon and patrick, june 3, 2016, part one

'Open Phone Friday – Making A Difference By Walking Your Talk – June 3, 2016' have 3 comments

  1. June 4, 2016 @ 1:04 pm c. may

    how do I donate thru paypal


    • June 5, 2016 @ 7:53 am One Radio

      Just go yo our ‘Donation’ page and do it through there. Thank you!!!


  2. June 4, 2016 @ 4:30 pm George

    Something I sent to a friend


    You wrote: “Why Trump has to incite this hatred between lower educated whites and Mexicans for his own political gain”

    Since I don’t share that view I ask myself how did do many of my fellow Americans come to it?

    (I ,like the wives in Detroit ,who voted for Trump because their husbands are out of work, saw him as the only politician addressing the economic migrant issue and the unfair trade issue – albeit in a politically impolite way. Political politeness is overrated in my view)

    My conclusion is we are all buried in horse manure propaganda from the “boys” who run things. So everything I read I treat as a hypothesis to be filtered through the lense of critical thinking.

    Eg Take Hillary being the greatest commodities trader of all time turning $1000 into almost $100,000 in ten months back in the late 1970s. I knew back then 1994? When the story first came out, that that was impossible, since the best hedge funds only do 40%. I even knew back then how the broker did it based on Larry Williams alleged method of assigning winning trades to his own account and not so winning or losing trades to many client discretionary accounts. The Hillary’s broker later paid fines and was suspended for poor “record keeping” during the year she was trading.
    Only this week did I learn that her claimed advisor on “some of the trades” was a higher up at Tyson foods. Tyson in their hedging used Hilary’s broker and sent them big commissions.
    Chickens move 1/3 faster down Tyson cleaning and preparing lines today as a result of regulation changes after Bill appointed a Tyson guy to head the USDA. Of course you occasionally get ecoli deaths from chicken with too much infected intestine material left in…but what the hell, Hilary and Bill received twice their combined annual salary back then from “winning trades”(bribes?)

    It’s remarkable to me that the boys have trained people to believe that everything that doesn’t agree with their “official story” is to be dismissed as conspiracy theory … and return to your beer, chips and TV watching.

    Critical thinking is not as easy as you might think. You have to do some detective work like an attorney preparing a case.
    I read and and not because they are right all the time but because they force me to entertain conflicting points of view from the “official” version of events.

    Eg Yesterday Trump supporters leaving a rally were roughed up by anti Trump paid? Disrupters.

    The democrat Mayor immediately blamed Trump. Reminds me of blaming the Jews for being roughed up by the Nazis in 1933.

    “Three guys sit at a table with 20 cookies. A banker, an electrician and a field laborer. Banker takes 19 Cooke’s and turns to the electrician and says ” hey, you better watch out or that field laborer is gonna steal your cookie.”

    Seems to me that the bankers have got you hating that politician who just “might” provide jobs so the out of work electrician and laborer can earn some cookies that they can keep away from the bankers.



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