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Show Highlights:

-Using DMSO for pain

-A listener calls in and shares a recipe for getting rid of scar tissue

-A listener suggestsgallium nitrate for Patrick’s pain in the butt

-Patrick shares the name of the health product he has found most useful

-Trans fats are the #1 worst thing for the prostate

-Negative self talk and how it’s affects health

-Pain and trigger points

-The 5 organs of elimination

-Is there an optimal time to take probiotics? Atom Bergstrom writes in:Before AND after for best results.1) Stomach acid doesn’t start for a while after eating (longer than people think), so critters can escape the acid bath and slip through.2) Stomach acid is neutralized following digestion, so more critters can slip through.

-From Atom Bergstrom:Coffee + SUGAR (honey will do) + vitamin E + breathing in a paper bag = drives OXYGEN into tissue.Breathing into a paper bag is the same technique used for anxiety, but it works for many other things.Carol’s reflex advice was good. The fascia gets dehydrated because the water moves to the wrong compartment.

Cobalamin Tonic for pain relief

-Have you tried the niacin/exercise/sauna detox? Patrick’s been doing it and we’ll be having Dr. George Yu on the show on Tuesday, April 5. Join us to learn more about this fascinating and effective protocol

-Comment from a listener:Good suggestion raised by Trent to use Emu oil and DMSO. At about 14 and a half minutes into your 2-28-2012 show with Janet Perryshe talked about Flexcin Lotion that combines DMSO with emu oil, aloe, and CM8 (Cetyl Myristoleate, a fatty acid that heals joints). The addition of high-potency cayenne pepper infused into the DMSO sounds great to work on internal scarring.

Flexcin links:

In reviewing the Flexcin product info, I see it comes in both capsules and lotion (Motion-Lotion) forms. Also, Janet was off just a bit; these products don’t list DMSO as an ingredient, but rather MMS (which becomes DMSO when distilled).
The Trigger Points website graphically illustrates points on the body that refer pain to other areas. You can massage these trigger points (marked with an “X”) along with the symptomatic area (shown in red) to help relieve the pain. Here is the sacroiliac page:
and so much more!

open phone friday with you and patrick, april 1, 2016, part one

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