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When Anything Goes…
And Usually Does!!!

Patrick and Sharon talk with listeners, and each other, pondering emailed questions from the audience, taking a look at the latest news, and having a lot of fun. You’re invited to participate; we’d love to hear from you!

Show Highlights:

-Sharon reports on the Trump rally in Cincinnati; the media continues their biased coverage

-Remembering Ross Perot’s prediction re:NAFTA and “the giant sucking sound”. Manufacturing jobs in the US have dropped from 20 million 25 years ago to 12 million jobs now. Current unemployment reported as 4.3% – really?

-Manipulation of the public by the media, which is controlled by an oligarchy of 6 owners.

-Stay-at-home Moms – a vanishing species. Why have they been demonized?

-Is there a spiritual reason why Patrick bumped his head?

-Doing “planks” to strengthen the core. Booty builder exercise.

-Atom says yawning keeps a trauma from spreading to other organs.

-Question from a listener about remedies for diverticulitis.

-Dr. Massey’s body tested as being radioactive, and the amino acid supplements he takes tested as radioactive. Most isolated amino acids come from Japan.

-Whole Foods’ bacon is from pigs they own and raise in free-range conditions.

-Movie recommendation: Disney’s “The Kid” with Bruce Willis.

-Everybody’s eating somebody. Before eating, Native Americans thanked the soul of an animal for leaving its body.

-Trader Scott recommends Tink’s Grassfed Beef in Washington, GA for quality beef and pork.

-Fraser Bailey, director and writer of “E-Motion The Movie”, is doing a video on dentistry. Interview with Dr. Nunnally next week.

-Beware of the agenda hidden in school material. E.g. promotion of MMR vaccine.

-Listener from Naperville, IL likes her Relax FIR sauna better than her wooden sauna. Recommends Nadine Artemis’ Living Libations products.

-Listener Rob, a drummer, wants feedback from listeners on how to heal his injured thumb. Patrick Timpone recommends near infrared light. Patrick McGean recommends pocketing sulfur on the tooth that shares the meridian with the thumb. Would turpentine help?

-Patrick McGean responds to Sharon’s observation that real men are hard to find. Research has shown that BPA and atrazine (an ag chemical) feminizes boy. A conspiracy to reduce the population? Testimonial of a boy who was no longer retarded after taking organic sulfur for 4 weeks. Regeneration of biology.

-“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” Mahatma Ghandi.

-The feminist movement, which started as an outgrowth of the suffragette movement, was hijacked by Gloria Steinem.

-Releasing emotions through screaming.

-Success in retrying sulfur after adverse reactions to it.

-Vaccines have never been studied in an unvaccinated population.

-University of Missouri-Columbia students urged to cancel social events as the number of mumps cases rise. 128 cases so far. All infected students required to have 2 doses of MMR vaccination.

-Is mumps really just a detox reaction? Are we overreacting now to run-of-the-mill illnesses?

-A listener asks: How do you rationalize the lies that come out of Donald Trump’s mouth? Patrick asks for any evidence of lying.

and more!

open phone friday with sharon and patrick, december 2, 2016, hour one

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