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Show Highlights:

-Grains: With all the information on grains and gluten intolerance, how can we understand all the information. Should all grains be avoided or only hybridized grains? Are we safe eating only the ancient and sprouted grains?

-Growing muscles by exercising only a couple of minutes per week; is it really possible?

-We de-worm our animals, so why not de-worm ourselves? The debate continues on whether or not to go after parasites

-Jim’s cat has been diagnosed with cancer; he tells us what he has been doing for it

-Patrick talks reincarnation

-Roger, from FL, calls in to talk about the FDA clamping down on compounding pharmacies. Becoming more independent and taking our health into our own hands looks like the only answer as we may find ourselves without access to supplements and natural therapies someday

-The benefits of using wood chips in the garden

-Patrick’s acupuncturist has advised him to take care of his parasites; he has decided to follow his advice

-Robert calls in to fill us in on his great anxiety and depression episode; he tells us about a few things he’s been doing

-Jim also talks about Oram Miller’s show and the new ideas Mr. Miller brought to the table on EMFs

-Is black pepper bad for you? Patrick thought so for 30 years, but has since changed his mind

-JB calls in to talk about the metals market; numbers are up! Does this have anything to do with the unemployment numbers?

and so much more!

Open Phones 7

open phone friday with you and patrick, may 2, 2014, hour one

'Open Phone Friday – Reality and Truth: What We Believe and What We Know – May 2, 2014' have 2 comments

  1. May 2, 2014 @ 11:40 pm Jill

    Hi Patrick, LOVE your music selection at the end of this show. Who is the artist and what is the name of the song?



  2. May 3, 2014 @ 1:58 pm Galina

    Hi Patrick! Love the show – THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO!!! I have same situation with vitamin D. One year and a half ago I signed up for Mercola vitamin D testing and study every six month: spring – tested at 30 (forgot the units) religiously tanned all summer – no showers after no soup no scabbing, during pick hours of 12-3 noon. all day some days on the beach (it was my summer goal to get my vitamin D3 up after all), tested at 31 at the end of summer in October! Healthy 46 female with the beautiful chocolate tan at the end of summer on other wise white skin! So my take on it – they have no idea what is vitamin D is what it is doing and so on….


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