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Show Highlights:

-Spring is in the air and it’s a good time to detox the liver; Patrick discusses several ideas

-A listener calls in to sing the praises of shark cartilage; his cat jumped off the couch, floundered, then wouldn’t move until a friend gave the cat cartilage. The cat is doing wonderfully now! Steve sends in more information about shark cartilage:Here is a shark cartilage product with dosage recommendations:

This page says to use 750mg/5kg of body weight for 3 weeks (for dogs).
This article about Cartilade for dogs and cats with arthritis explains how it works:
Studies have shown that shark cartilage contains proteins, mucopolysaccharides (which contribute to the formation of joint fluids), calcium, and other ingredients that inhibit the growth of new blood vessels in the joints (which leads to calcification) and promote healing of already damaged joint tissues.
In the laboratory, shark cartilage has been shown to contain chemicals that inhibit blood vessel formation. Because arthritis is an inflammatory condition, and inflammation requires blood vessels, it has been suggested that shark cartilage can benefit arthritic pets by inhibiting the formation of new blood vessels. And in fact, research has shown this to be the case. In studies in both people and in dogs, significant improvement is seen in patients suffering from arthritis. Arthritic pets and people taking shark cartilage supplements often experience increased mobility and decreased pain.
Joe mentioned that they used the Now brand.

-Dee calls in to tell us how sh’e chasing her parasites

-Marilyn, from Mass. calls in to ask why schizandra tastes so bad and shares some cool ideas and names of folks doing work on grounding the body

-Robert calls in to discuss many things and to continue the conversation on gallstones, as we learned this week, he has many

-John, from Santa Rosa, calls in to talk about liver/gallbladder flushes and medicine practices from 1880s. Fascinating–simply fascinating

-John continues talking about his experience with using Oreganol oil and cannabis oil

-How our thoughts affect our bodies

-Atom Bergstrom informs us that Ray Peatclaims MS is easily cured with progesterone and a pro-thyroid, anti-estrogen protocol

-Comment from a listener on liver detox:Dr Jennifer Daniels says to take a tablespoon of milk thistle seed in a quart of water and boil it. Then divide into 3 cups and drink throughout the day. If I remember correctly you do it for 2 weeks.

-Comment from a listener:Our bodies are miracles. Make a baby, fight an infection, run, breathe, think, contemplate, heal a cut, all innately powered by God, universal law… We can do all that and not get rid of a gall stone? We spend years trying to change our beliefs from ” i cant do it”. ” I am different.” We use tinctures, medicine, supplements to convince ourselves that my body cant get rid of gall stones, or get rid of a tumor any number of issues we can invent. Interesting paradox, us people. Love it.

and so much more!!


open phones with you and patrick, february 26, 2016, hour one

'Open Phone Friday – The Value of Belief and It’s Use In Healing – February 26, 2016' have 4 comments

  1. February 27, 2016 @ 3:04 pm Steve

    At the end of the first hour you were trying to recall gallbladder time. Here is a nice article with a graphic illustrating the human body energy clock, and an activity schedule to optimize energy flow in your organs:


  2. February 27, 2016 @ 3:22 pm Steve

    When considering the time of day on the human body energy clock, remember to adjust for solar time depending on your geographic location and time of year. See (redirects to; just move the red pushpin to your geographic location, and click the Daylight Savings Time checkbox if that is in effect (like during the summer), and read the results in the Solar Noon field to determine how much of an offset should be applied.


  3. February 28, 2016 @ 11:10 pm Steve

    Here’s a powerful liver cleansing option for those that are not receptive to enemas. In fact, some say this is more effective than a coffee enema, particularly because it both nourishes and cleans the liver at the same time:


  4. March 2, 2016 @ 6:15 pm Chris

    Dee needs to try Tequila, Remember Bergstrom’s tonic for parasites: tequila tablespoon, aloe vera tablespoon and fresh pineappe juice 8 oz.


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