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Patrick Timpone

Patrick Timpone
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Show highlights:

-Saga of last Sunday’s storm that took out Patrick’s internet hardware.  Until the replacement equipment arrives next week, email or Skype the show at patrickj144, but don’t call.

-We’re not anti this or anti that.  Just think with your own head and feel with your own heart.

-Trump came in to stir things up.  Now cutting off aid to anti-Syrian rebels.  Fighting is all about the proposed pipelines.

-“When the tide goes out, you get to see who doesn’t have a bathing suit.”  Hank Paulsen.

-It doesn’t really matter.  If it matters to you, then it matters.  What do I want to matter?  Matter=mater=mother.  Alma mater = nourishing mother.

-Patrick recommends the movie “A Dog’s Purpose”.

-Linda appreciates the ORN article on tetanus shots and the YouTube “Trace Amounts”.   Shares the story of her husband’s severe leg injury and recovery using natural methods.

Hour 2

-Vedic astrologer Prema Lee Gurreri at

-Lunar eclipse is August 7 and solar eclipse is August 21.  See Next Solar Eclipse.

-Atom says the Sant Mant movement believes in alternating incarnations of human and animal.  This differs from Eckankar belief.

-How to have full lush hair?  Bhringraj – top Ayurvedic herb for hair growth.   HerbsForever Hair Health.  Andreas Black Sesame Seed Oil from Steve Heuer.

-Deer exercise from “Tao of Sexology” by Stephen Chang.  Can increase (clockwise) or decrease (counterclockwise) breast size, depending on the direction you massage the breast.  Using the heel on the vagina.   Beware of incorrect information about this on the internet.

-Atom says breast size was once routinely changed with hypnosis.  But why go to a hypnotist when you can use auto-suggestion to do the same?   What do we want to matter?

-Atom says blood flow is clockwise.  Large intestine is clockwise.  The Coriolis force is clockwise north of the equation (why 99% of all languages were created north of the equator, not south of it).  Lifeflow is clockwise.  Magnetic flow is counterclockwise.

-Brown spots.  How often to do castor oil and turpentine?

-Why are more babies born around the full moon?

Hour 3

 -Patrick’s turpentine experience.  Took his customary coconut sugar and turpentine dosing.  This time he felt really weird and dizzy.  Was it a pure Herxheimer reaction?  Will he ever take turpentine again?
-Ask your body what you should do regarding each substance.

“Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the Kingdom of God.”  Historically men were addressed as Mister and boys as Master. 

-We’re in the Kali Yuga, the worst of the worst.  Will be a coming golden age.
–Wayne wants recommendations for general health maintenance overall.   Wayne is a first-time emailer and gets 2 free ORN T-shirts.
-Health Maintenance Ideas:  Everytime a thought comes up about getting older, you will get older.  Think about revs around the sun, not years of age.  Meditate.  Go to Farmer’s Markets, up the quality of your food.  Spend money on food and superfoods as your healthcare.  Take 1 TB of HealthForce Vitamineral Green Superfood every day.  Use Maine Coast Sea Vegetables – nori, kelp, triple blend, dulse.  Consider pure organic sulfur.  Edgar Cayce detoxified iodine from Iodine Source.  Surthrival Colostrum.  Eating on time.  Have fun.  Aloe.  Sweating.  Goji berry and schizandra from Shen Blossom.  Chinese tonic herbs such as reisha, chaga, astralagus.  Pine pollen.  Hydration.  Movement – ReboundAir.  Maintaining good digestion.  Dr. Cowan’s Garden dehydrated vegetables.

-Atom says the gravitational force of the full moon (lunar time) not only accelerates bowel transit time, it accelerates uterine contractions.  Having a baby during the full moon synchronizes with the moon pulling on both ocean and blood/lymph tides.  Also, heartburn increases at full moon time.  Some chronobiologists say it’s the moon’s effect on H. pylori, but Atom’s money is down on the rise in intestinal pressure.

 – Where you born on a full moon?  See
-Nancy put out a second bowl of water with added sulfur for her lil dog, and the dog guzzled the full bowl.

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