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Open Phones 3 Thursday

Show Highlights:

-Elizabeth Holmes says Theranos is a fraud. Was promoted as a new way to do blood tests quickly and cost effectively. All Edison tests results from 2014-2015 thrown out because of inaccuracy. IPO dived.

-Massaging prostate gland as therapy for prostate issues. YouTube videos show how to do it. Massage decreases inflammation. Use castor or coconut oil. Incontinence could be bladder or kidneys, not always the prostate.

-Patrick ran into 2 people that recently had spinal disc surgery. Herniated disc problems could be due to lack of minerals, dehydration, structural changes, vertebrae pressing on disc. Surgery shaves off part of the disc and often doesn’t help. Piriformis or psoas muscle problems can simulate herniated disc or bladder issues. Don’t put your eggs in one type of medical provider, might need a team. Patrick found relief for his sciatica with a body worker. Foot cramps can be tied in with sciatica, not necessarily a low magnesium issue.

-Are you thinking while others are talking? We lose information because our minds aren’t focused.

-Emailer asks about David Icke and frequency. In every nanosecond of time, we have a state of consciousness. Picture yourself as soul, e.g. as a ball of light. Say it’s located at the third eye. We have chosen our state of consciousness, we have created it, it’s our experience, it’s only thoughts and emotions we have resonated with. When you have a thought, you are in it, but you can move out of it by focusing on something else. Can’t let go of anything because there’s nothing to let go of. Ball of light is pure, doesn’t include fear thoughts. Fear thoughts are part of your state of consciousness because you have accepted them as such, but they’re not you. Things like chemtrails can only hurt us if we think they can hurt us. It’s all vibration, all an illusion on some level. We are in control of our bodily vibrations and everything, on a deep level. If you don’t recognize it, it doesn’t exist. How do bad things happen? How can Patrick be having problems with the IRS? It was part of his consciousness. We also have karma; we have to experience things to learn lessons. We come in to experience this lifetime for a lesson, or to get challenging experiences to learn.

open phones, body and Soul, may 19. 2016

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