Patrick has been using Dr. Levy’s cocktail in a nebulizer for his lungs; the lungs are associated with grief. 

Oftentimes, the body just works things out without doing anything

Charles calls in to ask about cooking chicken feet; they should be cooked down over many hours to where there’s almost nothing in tact

Skin moisturizing ideas 

Some benefits of Ashwagandha

A listener calls in to talk about the Aquacure Hydrogen machine. He continues on to say how impressed he was with Dan Root’s interview from yesterday. Dan is an expert in detoxification using niacin and a FIR sauna

Patrick recaps the niacin/sauna protocol

We remember the assassination of JFK. Patrick recounts where he was and the never ending news cycle. We have some great shows in our archives on it. 

Denise calls in with a personal story of JFK

Patrick shares an idea to keep your prostate healthy

The deer exercise and The Tao of Sexology

A listener writes in and is having a hard time putting on muscle; Patrick gives his take on it

The benefits of doing squats

We hear some incredible testimonials from our listeners who purchased the Aquacure Hydrogen machine. Some of the stories are amazing

We love when John from NY calls in; the conversation is always lively. 

Atom responds to an email re: his use of sugar and his teeth challenges:

My teeth were wiped out long before I started eating sugar.  A single gold filling cratered my teeth.
By not removing my other mercury amalgam fillings, I created a powerful battery effect that eroded my “excellent teeth with perfect bite” in a short ten years.  Dr. Joseph Phillips went so far as to warn about different gold alloys (10% versus 15%) causing a lesser battery effect.
If I had it to do all over again, I’d have asked for the cheaper fillings, saved several hundred dollars, and had better looking teeth.
“Think of how entertaining it would be if all the people on TV still had their original teeth.” — George Carlin
Some emails:
epistemesGreat show!! Love Ray peat and Kate Deering!! Greetings from Mexico
zckbarbaraSauna kills Herpes and other Viruses
Just want to let you know that the hydrogen water is having a definite effect on my husband’s mojo. Acts like a teenager, and he’s just doing the water. He’s a happy camper. He has energy to spare during the day (and night) His friends are taking naps but not him. I may have to substitute plain water for awhile to slow him down a little. By the way, we’re both in our 70s.

Open Phones and email Friday with You, Doodle and Patrick, November 22, 2019 ONE

Open Phones and email Friday with You, Doodle and Patrick, November 22, 2019 TWO

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