Water Vitalizer Plus with 2 Mineral Cubes

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The Vitalizer Plus™ vortexes water in a strong magnetic field while adding minerals to naturally oxygenate, mineralize, alkalize, energize, and homeopathically enhance water, while making it more hydrating at a cellular level. This vortexing action breaks down inorganic minerals present in the water into bioavailable angstrom and monatomic (ORMUS) particle sizes as found in food, mimicking how nature mineralizes water. Angstrom particles have just a few atoms bound together making the particles small enough to enter into cells and be utilized. Monatomic particles are individual atoms of the minerals which are very regenerative and provide superconductivity in cells and the DNA. The vortexing also changes the bond angle and molecular clustering of the H2O molecules, lowering the water’s surface tension, making it more hydrating to the body, more detoxifying to cells, and providing other benefits. The water molecules cluster into groups of six, sometimes referred to as “hexagonal” water. This structure remains stable under normal temperature for weeks. See the work of Dr. Martin ChaplinViktor Schauberger, Dr. Teruo Higa, andDr. Gerald Pollack for more details on the science of water.

1 review for Water Vitalizer Plus with 2 Mineral Cubes

  1. Ryan

    We’ve had our Water Vitalizer for over 6 months. Have been drinking RO water for years. Upon using the machine, we noticed that the water tasted better and we could feel the water absorbed more efficiently in our bodies…yes, I was surprised by this “feeling.” However, it makes sense the more you dive into the subject. Started adding organic sulfur and probiotics to the spin. I have been also experimenting with an industrial strength ionizer positioned over the open pitcher, spinning the electrons into the water. I can feel this also, it has been an increase in energy. Additionally, as one caller shared on the radio program, you can bubble your hydrogen water in this container as it spins by simply feeding the tube into pitcher. Save you a lot of time! Thanks for this Patrick, by way of Ken Rhola!

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