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Penney Peirce

Bringing Higher Awareness to Life

Penney Peirce feels that life functions according to innate natural principles, and when we live in alignment with these truths, things work smoothly and effectively. She knows firsthand the intricacies of the emotions, the dreamworld, altered states of consciousness, and the path to spiritual enlightenment. She sees intuition, compassion, and energy or frequency skills as keys to spiritual growth.

Penney’s goals are to cut through fear and the chaos of the Information Age to find inner peace and accurate guidance. Her joy is helping people discover and live their destiny and helping leaders and groups solve problems so the “flow” is unblocked, and win-win-win innovations based on universal truths can materialize easily.

Show Highlights:

-Being the dreamer, not the dream

-Changing the circumstances of your life with what you believe and think

-Practicing mindfulness and noticing what you are noticing

-The importance and benefits of keeping a dream journal

-What’sthe fastest way to diminish mental and physic tension ?

-Manifesting money and creating abundance

-Using intuition to make important personal decisions, such as choice of career

Penney believes:
• We are made of various frequencies of energy; we are unlimited, radiant, love-based, universal beings. Limitation is not natural to us, yet we have become resigned to it and simultaneously resistant to it. In spite of fear, love and truth are the supreme healing forces.

• Negative behavior and thinking are bad habits we learn by watching, then unconsciously copying, other suffering human beings. We hold these contracted energy patterns in our body, emotions, and mind, yet they really don’t belong to us. At our core, we are ashamed that we spend so much time acting out these contracted, sour responses. Shame and self-punishment are a waste of time. Letting go of these false identities and returning to the feeling of our original self is a large part of the work of becoming intuitive and enlightened.

• The soul is evolutionary; once we can feel how something can get better, and feel how much better it would be to live the improved way, we will do what it takes to change. Until we really “get” it, we stall.

• If we believe the best about people, and see them as their soul, eventually they will live up to our vision of them.

• The same universal principles affect individuals, relationships, families, corporations, nations, and planets. Any organism or system can be empathically, clairvoyantly “read” to find the extent to which it is out of alignment and balance, and to discover ways integrity can be re-established. (Read more about Penney’s philosophy)

Penney Peirce

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penny pierce on personal growth, november 4, 2014

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  1. November 12, 2014 @ 9:39 am Lisa S

    I enjoyed listening to this show, the very thing that I was grappling with. The message really hit home. Thank you Patrick and Penney.


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