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Peter Wilkes

Author of A Woman Called God

So, why couldn’t God be a woman? Really, why not? In this adorably playful, yet poignant and timely book, A Woman Called God asks all of us – women and men alike – to consider how the world would and could look if our universal perception of The Creator were not male but female: a mother-figure of unconditional love.
The result of a seventy-year personal journey by the author, and inspired initially by his mother and first wife, A Woman Called God revolutionizes the traditional thinking of organized religion and makes possible a new and inviting path for every woman and man on the planet.

Peter WilkesAs the son of an Episcopal minister, Peter Wilkes had a first-hand look at the inner workings of organized religion throughout his upbringing. Now seventy years of age he has come to the conclusion that organized religion has continually done more harm than good. In A Woman Called God, the first in his series of Little books for Big people, he goes back to the source and examines how it’s possible to leave Religion – with a capital “R” – behind and reclaim your soul.

Show Highlights:

-Once upon a time, there was a worshipped female diety, in the goddess culture

-How can we continue to personify God as a man when we’ve never seen him/her/it?

-The problem with organized religion

-Using religion to control the population

and so much more!!

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peter wilkes and if god was a woman, april 2, 2015

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  1. February 22, 2022 @ 9:16 pm Lawrence

    So, why couldn’t God be a woman? Well. one reason. If we see god as the creative force, and earth and people as the receptive force, then we may see god as male or masculine and man as feminine. However if we saw god as the creation of man, then we might see god as feminine and man as masculine. But we might also see god as beyond male and female. But if we see god as punishing and vengeful, he could be male, female, both or neither. but in English we don’t have words for singular, male and female, or for neither. So, we use the default “man” as in mankind, which can be male, female, both or neuter or all of the above.


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