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George Swanson

Bau-Biologie: Environmentally Healthy Building Methods


George Swanson-Holistic, Harmonious and Environmentally Healthy Building Ideas

Bau-Biologie: Environmentally Healthy Building

Over the past several years there has been a growing awareness of the need for humanity to reverse the destructive trends of modern industrialization and embrace a more holistic, harmonious and sustainable legacy for future generations.
Worldwide, the largest industry on earth is building construction. Even in North America, the construction industry is double the size of the auto industry, which is the second largest industry in the USA.
The most comprehensive and focused body of knowledge that examines the delicate balance between human health and the built environment is called Bau-Biologie (Building Biology). Through the International Institute for Bau-Biologie & Ecology, Inc., a world wide network of Building Biology training centers have been established with the expressed goal of creating this more holistic, harmonious and sustainable habitat for humans on earth.


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Show Highlights:

-Magnacrete (magnesium oxide board) is a breathing wall technology that can be used with an average construction skill set. Replaces drywall, plywood, Hardie board, OSB, which use petroleum products.

-85% of building products at Home Depot uses waste products from petroleum industry. They get wet and mold because they take days to dry out. Super-tight buildings trap moisture and aggravate the problem.

-In US, buildings last 30 years. In China, they use traditional magnesium oxide and terra cotta construction and their buildings last 300 years. China way more advanced in their manufacture of advanced clean construction materials and building techniques.

-Magnacrete is fireproof, moldproof, bug proof, and self-dehydrates. Can be manufactured with 1/5 to 1/10 of the energy needed to make portland cement. But it can’t be patented, and the boys are keeping this building material out of the US. It’s a money thing.

-Zero VOC paints sold in US are bogus and toxic. Contains 75 known allergy triggers, even more carcinogens. 95% of building products we consider okay are called to be eliminated by the Kyota Protocol because of their toxicity. – has a natural mineral paint called Microbiogrip. When applied on top of old paint (oil or latex), it etches the surface, and converts moisture into vapor.

-George’s book is available at or

-25% of population born with severe genetic sensitivity to mold. Pre-1930s homes built with nontoxic materials of lath and plaster. Most people have never lived in a healthy home.

-Austin Air makes air purifying machines. Ozone can be used for remediation, but are dangers with using ozone.

-Where to buy Magnacrete? Now stocked in 7 strategic US locations. Email George Swanson to get shipping costs.

-US lent money to China for them to manufacture petroleum-based building products that, because of their toxicity, are not sold anywhere but to the US.

-China in the forefront in researching clean building technology. Cadre of PhD researchers.

-China had kept out GMOs, but unfortunately now allowing some test fields of GMOs.

-China is #1 in sustainable technology and energy. But massive social problems coming up. 1% of elderly are displaced.

-US is so far behind the rest of the world in realizing what has to happen economically and in incorporating sustainable building materials. We are the caboose to what is happening in China.

and more!!

george swanson on clean and healthy building materials, march 16, 2017

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