-Hello Patrick,

Thank you so. I just paid to work with Wil Spenser this morning as he has helped some 2 dozen people with Morgellons (my big challenge of 8 years of hell) to no longer have symptoms and the analysis of what is stressing my body should be interesting. I trust his integrity as he also helped save some bee hives from colony collapse and he worked with Cliff Carnicom on the geoengineering. Already in slowing down all my activities and thus mentally calming down, I am getting more sleep and that is helping my skin to heal. I am also going to follow the Wahl’s protocol (Dr. Hines and most all paleo advocates) of dropping ALL grains and potatoes and do like Terry Wahl said, eat 9 cups of veggies a day, 3 cups greens, 3 cups multi-colored and 3 cups Sulphur rich veggies along with (like you are now doing) more liver and organ foods (she advocates up to 9 to 21 ounces per day!). This will be the best for detoxing the heavy metals as I am supporting my Phase 1 and Phase 2 Liver detoxification. I am also doing mud baths as Terry Wahl said they are more effective for removing toxins than saunas however like Dr. Nunnley, I don’t sweat so I will go to the local gym sauna or local Sulphur pool and sauna to use their sauna to help my body start sweating again. (I can’t afford a infrared sauna or rebounder right now or I would purchase them in a nano second. My brother goes to garage sales and found me a cheap rebounder for $5 but it is not half as good as the one you sell. Like Dr. Nunnley I am high in mercury and, like you, lead too. Mercury can get into the thyroid and block its function so not sure if it was the mercury itself or the poor functioning thyroid that stopped my sweat glands. Either way, I think I am on the right path towards healing.

All to say, I too am drastically cutting down on my supplements, except some good fiber, herbs and Meso silver known to be effective again Lymes and, like you, going back to more food sources for my nutrients. This is what Wil Spenser also advocates. I am also eating lots of beet salad as they are high in fiber and high in nitric oxide known to rid the body of bacteria and clean out the arteries. I will give Wil Spenser’s protocol a total go for a few months and then I will keep Nuva Yeetah’s number to call should I still need some Ayurveda tweaking.

Thank you again so for your beautiful heart, soul and help,


Hi Patrick,

How are you doing? I am not often actually remembering my dreams but more and more aware that I am dreaming. Sometimes I’m not even certain when I’m awake and when I’m asleep!

I probably agree with you that sleep is a spiritual issue…I was told by a friend that works deeply with people that are in the dying process (she is also a very down to earth but extremely intuitive/psychic person) that I leave my body nightly and my nights are very busy…who knows?…I have also felt that dreams in their metaphoric state also, besides “letting go of angst, worry”, etc are as they are helping us let go of stuff, they are also perhaps forcing us to face a lot of unresolved issues that we just refuse to/in denial of during the day…what do you think? kind of what we completely deny comes back to haunt us until we look at it….

Thank you for the suggestion of the product for sleep…it’s tempting to order yet another one and it looks like a great one at that. I have tried many different compounds including Gaba, Vit B6, etc and never had many results… I do know that it really does depend on the interrelation of the different substances involved. I just don’t know if it’s a good time to add another product again?

I’m taking the sulpher, Vit C, Imovane (sleeping pills) and the Chinese Herbs. These herbs are supposed to calm/stabilize the nervous system and steady moods and many people find it a great sleep promoter. Is it really a good idea to add another one? I saw the acupuncturist last week (that I can’t really afford)and after taking my pulses, she told me that finally my “kidney energy” has strengthened after five months of it being very feeble and I could stop taking the herbs for that(Super Jing). She told me that my nervous system is really overstressed/hyper and that I should continue another 4-6 months with the other product (Pearl Shen). (She does not sell these products so she’s not trying to profit in any way from it). Like you she told me I must breathe more and stop once an hour and just breathe…

I know that sometimes mixing several products together can at times mess us more up than anything else so to add the product you were suggesting may be a good idea and may not. I’m not sure….

If you would like to check this product out and have the time (you only work 18 hours a day, eh?!!!):


– Pearl S.

Thank you so very much once again for all your help, support, compassion and of course your sense of humor. Shit happens but you help to de-dramitize it! Also, your rather wise but truthful words about “still treating the symptoms…get to the root of why you are anxious”.


Hey bro. Let the milk stand over night or a couple of days to let the cream rise, skim it off, and then take the milk and put it in a double boiler and bring it to 161 degrees for about 4 minutes and pour in (acid) lemon juice or vinegar while stirring in the acid and then it will separate and then just strain it through a cheese cloth and it will be cottage cheese and the rest is whey, heated but whey non the less.
There is a cold method to get the cheese too, same process as above but just let it at room tempurature, then skim off cream after about 12 – 20 hours and then let it stand for about 3 – 4 days with a cheese cloth over it and let it breath the whole time and then what’s left is curds and cold processed whey :-)
Pouring through a cheese cloth separating the two . Refrigerate and go to town :-)



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