20 Reasons NOT to Have Health Insurance, Even If It’s Free

by Cab McCann



  1. Health insurance, so-called, is just another government tax scam:  outrageously expensive, dangerous to your health and your life,  and worse than useless.    Spend the money on a vacation or a new house, some classes or something that will actually bring you some pleasure or benefit.


  1. Most injuries are related to automobile accidents and are already covered by auto insurance.


  1. If you have health insurance and make the mistake of going to a hospital, or even that someone else might take you there against your will, the fact that you have ‘health insurance’ makes you a ‘covered life’ … and opens the door for the Medical Industrial Complex to perform all kinds of dangerous and unnecessary procedures on you that can cause you to experience great torture, maiming, shortening of your life, or even and especially death as a result.  If you have insurance, that means the insurance company ‘owns you.’   Your doctor will answer to the insurance company, NOT TO YOU.  And you will be treated as one of the Insurance Company assets.  There is no guarantee that whatever treatments are given you are really necessary or in your best interest and you will have no say.   If you have no health insurance, then you are the boss, and you hold the cards, and now you can inform the doctor that if you die the doctor doesn’t get paid.


  1. Having health insurance can open the door to dangerous drugs and treatments that will kill you, and result in the insurance company refusing to pay for some of the expensive treatments.   Your estate will be liable for those costs, ahead of your heirs.  Do not sign papers promising to pay anything in the hospital, don’t assume you are ‘covered.’  Why trust an insurance company to decide arbitrarily what they will or will not pay for and agree to pay the difference?   People do not realize what a total scam (WORSE than a scam) health insurance is!


  1. Doctors are in effect given a ‘license to kill’ by the System.   If they kill you by their ‘medical treatment’ they are not liable for malpractice or manslaughter —  as long as these Medical Industrial Complex doctors go by the System’s Standard of Care  as dictated and issued by the insurance companies.   Most important fact to know:  These Standard of Care procedures kill a couple million Americans every single year – meaning, that if people had not been subjected to these standard-of-care ‘treatments’ they would still be alive.


  1. Hospitals are, statistically, the most dangerous place to be and it is always best to avoid them if at all possible.


  1. If you spend the money you will save on health insurance on fresh whole food and clean water instead, you likely won’t need a doctor.


  1. Most cuts and wounds and even bone breaks can be treated at home with a splint you can buy at the drug store.  It’s not true that doctors ‘set bones.’  The bone grow together by themselves.  Bad fractures and traumatic injuries do require trauma-care by doctors, but most of this is paid for by car insurance we already are paying for, and even if we don’t have insurance the system will still give emergency care.


  1. Modern medicine has no cures.    That is:  NO CURES.   None.   The Medical Industrial Complex offers only TREATMENTS, and most treatments just make things worse, or just kill you outright.  Every year the Medical Industrial Complex kills a couple million people, who would still be alive if they had just stayed away from the doctor.


  1. Modern medicine tests are not accurate, and cause serious complications in themselves, and lead to needless surgeries and dangerous drug treatments based on many false positives.  Injecting dyes into the bloodstream and vibrating them at high speed to try to catch a shadow is not a healthy thing to do for your body.  Nor are colonoscopies healthy, and are full of nasty germs from other sick people.


  1. Most cancer comes and goes like the common cold, and it’s better to not know of the many little cancers that grow in everybody’s body.  It’s better not to be put under a ‘cancer hex’ by some suspicious shadow on a MRI that ends in a scary diagnosis by a doctor acting as a cog in the medical machine.  Because of the power of suggestion, it is entirely possible to get sick and die just because a doctor tells you that you have cancer.   It’s a literal hex, and that is the power of the mind on the body.


  1. Most cancer gets isolated in many little tumors in the body.   It is very rare to do an autopsy on anyone where many cancerous tumors are not discovered throughout the body.


  1. Cancer treatments are far more dangerous than any little tumor, and by getting biopsies you will spread the cancer cells all through your body.


  1. Most disease is caused by bad diet or lack of fresh air, or exposure to toxins in the air or the water.   Or by chronic stress.   By dealing with the root causes, a person can live to be 90 without ever having to see a doctor.


  1. Prenatal exams are totally useless and can be dangerous to your baby.   Home births are quicker and easier and much safer.   Doctors are knife-happy and love to do C sections.  There is not one thing a doctor can do to help a pregnancy advance normally.   Amniocentesis is dangerous to the baby and can trigger an abortion.  Furthermore, doctors love to diagnose babies with mongolism and recommend abortion, but most of these babies are perfect, so 10 wanted and perfect babies are aborted for every ‘defective’ child.  The placentas and amnio fluids are sold for treatment for people with bad knees, and all kinds of Frankensteinian treatments for people who can afford them.  The Medical Industrial Complex is Big Business on steroids.  Most families with mongoloid children will tell you their children are a true blessing from God.


  1. The best doctors are alternative doctors such as chiropractors and naturopaths – but most insurance won’t pay for these doctors and would limit and control their practice anyway.   But if you are not paying for health “insurance” (which there is no such thing as to insure your own health) … if you are not spending all that outrageous cost for health insurance, you can easily afford to pay out of pocket for a good chiropractor, naturopath, or homeopathic healer.  Not to mention to get a water purifier, and to put the money you save toward whole foods, not processed, not sprayed, not denatured.  Plus, you will be your own person, not subject to demands by doctors to show up for testings, to strip down, to take poison vaccines you don’t agree with, or pop pills that are dangerous and ineffective, without benefits to anybody’s health whatsoever.   Whose body is it anyway?   Yours?  Or do you want to be “owned” by an insurance company as a ‘covered life.’


  1. Most modern allopathic medicines are dangerous and ineffective.   There are much better ways to handle disease or illness with natural remedies that actually do work and do provide real cures.   Allopathic “medicines”  offer only possible (not guaranteed) symptomatic relief for a short time, and the complications that go with the symptom relief for the original conditions are far worse, far more serious and even life-threatening than the original condition would warrant.  A case in point is an HIV diagnosis that is commonly slapped on people these days who are hospitalized for things like pneumonia and 100 other common illnesses that share a common antibody that is tested for since nobody has ever seen or cultured HIV virus.  Doctors are ordered not to diagnose any white, suburban married women with HIV, because they know there are many husbands who would track down such a diagnosis and expose the scam.   HIV is an imaginary illness, one of many.  AIDS is a real condition, especially in the homosexual community, due to abuse to the body and overuse of antibiotics. It is the prescribed drugs given for HIV-AIDS that actually kill people who are not living the self-destructive homosexual lifestyle.   Another example is insulin therapy given to diabetics.   Most diabetics die from their insulin injections, and if they were to control their blood sugar by diet they would be healthier and live longer.


  1. Heart conditions are not improved by surgery, stents, or drugs.  To the contrary.  Cholesterol does not cause heart attacks, but rather prevents them.    Heart blockages are caused by too much calcium in the diet and not enough vitamin K, so that the calcium is not put into the bones and teeth as it should be but ends up in the blood vessels, kidneys, and gall bladder.   Staying hydrated, eating enough fiber, and making sure the colon is emptied at least once a day will do wonders for good health and longevity.


  1. Modern medicine is willfully ignorant of causes of sickness and disease … always pleading ignorance as though causes of sickness are mysteries which can never be known.    Instead, all disease is treated by allopathic medics as an alien enemy that must be poisoned or cut out, and the body itself is treated as a giant germ factory or tumor-producing entity that must be irradiated and decontaminated with strong chemicals.   This works out great for the petrochemical industry and all their synthetic poisons, and for the chemical industry who comes up with poor copies of what is found all around us in nature, and for the surgeons who can charge big bucks for every one of their mostly useless/harmful/dangerous surgeries.


  1. Instead of working with the body and its natural functions and ability to heal itself, modern medicine attacks the body as being the enemy, and proudly boasts that modern medicine is here to, literally,  “fix what God didn’t get right.”

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