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From psychic ability, channeling, healing, spiritual teaching, dream interpretation, the Akashic Records and more; Brad Johnson has developed these abilities to better understand how reality interacts with us on a personal and collective level. Brad has shared his full circle knowledge with people from all over the world reflecting his empowering spiritual journey for over a decade. Brad shows us how we can form an intuitive relationship with the reflections of reality so that we can attract outcomes that serve our true aligned nature. Brad holds a natural conscious ability to connect with what could be called the higher mind, higher self or universal consciousness. He refers to this as the “Higher Mind State” as Brad possesses a natural ability to perceive and convey universal knowledge on a wide variety of subjects.

Brad is also the personal channel of the multidimensional consciousness known as Adronis. Like many other popular channels such as Esther Hicks, channeler of Abraham, or Jane Roberts, who once channeled Seth, Brad’s channeled information through Adronis has been expressed through many of his clients as “one of the most informative, authentic, transformative and revolutionary self-empowering experiences offered online!”

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Andronis suggests Earth is a special place, very special, for all Souls here are Gods’ in training

He suggests we created hurdles in our life to learn how to jump over them

Adronis talks about the unconscious, ego and Soul

Epi genetics, DNA and being a carbon based body

Some emails: What is the solution ( Brad Johnson ) has found on the other side regarding 

How can I access or realize the spiritual issue causing this painful disease I have been manifesting For the past 7 years. Don’t know how much more I can physically tolerate and makes it so hard to focus On the spiritual aspects of my disease. Blessings,
A healthy functioning brain is key in order to expand and evolve our consciousness with other lives in the universe, but many struggle with dementia, schizophrenia, and other neurological impairments.  Can Adronis suggest practical strategies that may have been overlooked to resolve these conditions?
Does Adronis have any ideas to help people out of addictions?. These additions: such as eating, drinking, excessive cell phone usage, excessive hoarding of resources, etc.
Be alert for a new site Brad is going to launch with lots of videos on spirituality and such called  AwokenTV

Adronis, an other than Earthly being is channeled by brad Johnson, January 3, 2019

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