David Weiss

Is the Earth Really a Spinning Ball?

Most of us have spent our lives believing the earth is heliocentric, simply because that’s what we’ve always been taught. However, as more of us begin to question everything we’ve been told, it might be time to revisit that theory.   Despite so many beings awakening to truth in other parts of their lives, many are still hesitant to take Flat Earth theory more seriously. At the core of this reluctance is the question: why does it matter?    Who stands to gain from the myth of a heliocentric system, and how would our lives be impacted if we found out we were being lied to all along?    In this episode, host of the Flat Earth Podcast, David Weiss shares his thoughts on why the heliocentric model affects us more than we realize. 

Australia/New Zealand are out over not down under.

The globe is a model but we don’t live on that model.

Provide one proof of the globe and earn a bitcoin from Dave.

Can’t have high pressure next to low pressure without a physical barrier between them.  Yet high pressure earth is supposed to be next to low pressure space.

Large bodies of water at rest always lie flat.

Seeing objects supposedly “below the horizon” with sufficient magnification.

Stars go around us – not.  No one has ever proved stars are physical objects and not just light.  They are pulsing orbs of energy.

Astrology is the real science and astronomy is a fake science.

We are not a disk in space.

Belief is the enemy of knowing.  Ego is the protector of belief.

Thinking we live in a ball is a religious belief.

If there are 7.8 million people on the planet, it would take 10 years to make enough COVID “vaccines” to give each person one dose. 

COVID home test kits and swabs are filled with poison.

Listener asks how the heliocentric model started.

How could Atlas hold up the earth?  He was holding up the sky.

TSA guards the “ice line” (actually the shoreline of the world) at Antarctica.  It’s the highest land on earth.

Could extraterrestrials be living on the “extra” land around Antarctica beyond the ice wall?

Explain sunrises, sunsets and tides?

Wherever the sun is, it’s noon.  The sun is just circling.  The moon laps the sun every 28 days.

The phases of the moon are from the electricity of the sun powering up the moon.

Were dinosaurs and nuclear weapons made up?  They were made up to think we need to fear and be under government protection.  Go to Crowww777 and check out episode 053

Ukraine is all “wag the dog”.  Full internet service but no cameras to see what is actually going on.

Would it be a good idea to move out of the US? 

There is a creator that created this living system.  The world was made.

Google flat earth and you get nonsense.  Instead go to FlatEarthDave.com and look at the Flat Earth Sun Moon Zodiac app.  Daily video.

What about NASA saying the International Space Station will be destroyed?

Does the Hubble Telescope exist?  All the pictures are GFI.

What about Elon Musk’s satellites?  Hanging from balloons.

Unbelievable videos of Bezos’ flight to edge of space.  Actually a zero G plane.

“Challenger astronauts” all have identical twins that all work at universities, still use their same name, and did not show up at the astronaut’s funerals.

They want control over you.

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  1. April 6, 2022 @ 9:47 am KMF

    If the sun doesn’t drop off why does the sun rise and set without changing size? Perspective doesn’t work. Proof of globe theory.


    • April 7, 2022 @ 1:42 pm patrick

      the sun and move circle above the flat earth, ever widening and lessing in circles, (seasons) and it’s worked quite well since it’s creation


    • April 9, 2022 @ 3:04 pm David

      There are many reasons. Click the where does that he sun go button on the app under the FAQ page.


    • April 19, 2022 @ 3:23 am Rex

      Show us the curve then, use a lasar.
      You cant.
      On the horizon theres no leaning left or leaning right for objects.a sphere would have this.
      I can see ALL of kauai from hawaii..70 miles when if a ball earth, it should be 1600 below the curve…yet it is not..explain that…oh wait, you cant.


  2. April 6, 2022 @ 11:42 pm Lawrence

    Are you saying that every time the astronauts went to the moon and now Mar and other places, they put a hole in our atmosphere, and we were all sucked out into the void of space? Or that when the astronauts broke the membrane surrounding the earth, when their rockets went into space, and the earth exploded? or imploded? are you saying that under the proper conditions, Neil Degrass Tyson’s vision can curve so the he could see his own butt?


    • April 7, 2022 @ 9:44 am patrick

      No one has ever gone to the moon and IF anyone has landed some “stuff” on Mars, which I doubt…both bodies are under the firmament


    • April 19, 2022 @ 3:24 am Rex

      Rockets dont work in a vacuum.


  3. April 7, 2022 @ 12:29 pm Charles

    Patrick, I’m a fan and listen to most of your podcasts. But trust us, once you take college level courses in calculus, and understand the math behind orbital mechanics, you’ll stop with the flath earth theories. You won’t have any other choices. Love your shows, some of the health information published here has changed my life. Keep doing what yer doin’!


    • April 7, 2022 @ 1:41 pm patrick

      Thank you. We’ll I am sure orbital mechanics is cool stuff.

      So, the best I can say Charles, after researching all the evidence of a flat plane, immovable and not spinning. We’ve seen lots of real photos taken way way up and there’s simply no curve. It’s just not there. The only curvature I’ve seen is taken with a fish eye lense and computer stuff from NASA. Forget the math for a moment Charles and try to find one, just one…only one…real photo, not CGI of earth surrounded by space. It doesn’t exist. Why is that? Hey, NASA says they have this Hubble telescope.. all they would need to do is turn it towards earth, snap a photo and the entire flat earth thing would collapse. They haven’t cause they can not. And, how can we believe an organization that lied about landing on the moon? Here’s a cool video, one of my favs..and being a math guy, I think you’ll appreciate. A group of science types in Brazil took a handful of years trying to prove a curvature.. some were heliocentric believers before they started…and they to to great lengths using GPS, light, sound..et all over long distances to prove the curvature. Check it out. thanks for your great taste in listening to our shows. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDpwH2Yqhlc&t=153s&ab_channel=KReporteu


      • April 18, 2022 @ 4:23 pm SaneShane

        “NASA says they have this Hubble telescope.. all they would need to do is turn it towards earth, snap a photo and the entire flat earth thing would collapse.”
        > Again, get a clue about photography and leave some room that you may be entirely wrong… as usual.
        To address this honestly, yes, this experiment just MIGHT be possible, but it is also likely to be very UNLIKELY possible. That is the first thing you would have to find out. A lens that is designed to look extremely far into space cannot focus on a thing so nearby as the Earth. Likewise, I hope you get that a microscope is not gonna provide you with gorgeous wide angle shots? Get a telelens and see if you can get anything from any distance into focus… Any lense (AFAIK) has a minimum focusing distance, and they can vary greatly, depending on what it is designed for.
        To maybe make it possible, NASA would probably need a much heavier and complex zoom lens design — IF it is even possible. I can easily accept it is not, cos… I have a clue about photography.
        Yes, maaaaaybe something in the blur you would get might still give a clue about “curve or not,” but as long as you don’t KNOW the type of lense specs, you are clueless and you shouldn’t add this to your “evidence.” Doing so just gives away how simplex and dishonest you truly are.
        The “Hubble” point is senseless to begin with! It would be better to ask why there is no fairly normal camera providing these pics (there are and you were shown; you can’t debunk even three, yet you ignore them anyway) — the Hubble has no special added value here; we’re not looking at leftovers from the moon landing, but at flat or ball Earth.
        So, don’t only KNOW the SOURCE, also KNOW the BASICS of what you’re trying to talk about… Or proudly continue your continual self-degradation in continual continuity…


    • April 7, 2022 @ 5:16 pm WKM

      “Trust us” famous words to run from. Its like when a billionaire tells you they want to help. Trust is earned not taken for granted. So Charles why don’t you collect the cash reword that is offed to prove the global model? Make some easy bucks.


    • April 19, 2022 @ 3:26 am Rex

      Your math is for an imaginary world..Real mathematics show a PLANE..like avionics otherwise the PLANES would crash.


  4. April 8, 2022 @ 10:38 am Brian

    Patrick ~ Thanks for OneRadioNetwork. It is a gem. While I don’t subscribe to flat earth, I feel no less appreciation for all the good work you do. My only hope is that your listeners and guests–who think we orbit around the sun– don’t discount your other work based on this one small difference of opinion. Keep sharing what’s important to you. You’ll find support if it’s of value.


    • April 9, 2022 @ 9:00 am patrick

      Appreciate your sentiments Brian, but if they do, as you say, discount our other work…so be it…cause..the earth is not spinning around the sun, sir. It just isn’t. So, I am not keen on going with the flow to keep listeners.

      Then I would be a politician. hahhaa


      • April 11, 2022 @ 9:29 am Brian

        haha…that’s right, don’t be a politician!


  5. April 9, 2022 @ 1:24 am Gee

    thanks for another great show Patrick.

    I wonder if any of those that commented (above) actually listened to this one. Their comments seem to reinforce the idea that they (above) are more interested in sticking to their beliefs rather than trusting what can be easily observed with our senses.

    I’m totally going to look into the app that Dave mentioned, seems like a great way to find a compatible date / life partner. Excellent.


  6. April 9, 2022 @ 1:29 am Gee

    PS Dr Bruce Cathie has clearly explained why nukes can’t be detonated on demand — must be aligned with sun position. Always good to hear this message talked about.

    We were all dragged into school hall to watch Challenger explode as kids. AND a few years later they got us into school hall again, and played simulation of sound of a nuke exploding … *sigh*.


    • April 9, 2022 @ 9:01 am patrick

      I will check him out. Crow777 is coming on in a couple weeks and he has lots of insights on why the whole nuclear “scenario” is false.


  7. April 9, 2022 @ 1:23 pm DIanthus

    Here is the proof and now pay out Bitcoin!

    But first some points flat pancakes:

    – Call me when your are at the edge of this flat pancake. Can you do this? Simple question.

    – gravity already confirms for many centuries that it is a fact because we perfectly calculate the positions and where they are in the future. Is a formula for and objects greater than 200km diameter ensures a proportional pressure and is therefore around. Less than 200km diameter is potato and evidence enough for this. Hurricanes (circle, round) can never be on a flat pancake and everyone with a solid telescope can see that everything around us is around and we would be flat … is one Psy-to get us in boxes and One has already been disabled if one starts to wake up the mass.

    – A sure sign of a cult, or cult-like behavior, is its inability to withstand any criticism. All rationalism criticism is beyond the pale. Change my mind!

    – proof of sphere earth from 11.00min

    – Flat equation should explain to 2 things. Coreolisces that hurricanes originated and the difference between large circle and loxodrome.
    Anyone of you two? No, I thought so!

    Learn how big this earth is and see how high you need to go to see that it is 100% not flat. And go to the ocean, setup a camera and zoom in on the ships. Ships ‘sink’ into the water= not flat but round! And more proofs.

    – Flatties says that this is not possible but every one with his own telescope can see this! Do you have your own telescope Patrick? No, then first do some REAL investigation…



    * Ultimate proof:
    Near Space Weather Balloon Shows Earth Curve

    Screenshots from the following video have been used dishonestly by Flat Earthers to claim that it proves the horizon is Flat when seen from high altitude.

    Original video:
    “Near Space Weather Balloon Launch With Gopro to 109 000 Feet!” by Rotaflight
    Short clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95NDkABAsSk&t=0s
    Full video (4 hours): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dfVt

    As we will see, the horizon is curved when the horizon is in the center of the frame. At all other times, the horizon is distorted by the Fish-Eye lens

    So Patrick you see the Earth is round and last time I bother with this bc you can talk a nice talk but when it comes to your own closed ego-mind you have a lot to learn.

    Good day!


    • April 9, 2022 @ 3:15 pm David Weiss

      I read through your entire regurgitation of programed nonsense and can tear it all to shreds. You with the 3 Bitcoins? The challenge is for 1 globe proof so bring it. Pick your best one. Is it that the earth is so big so no matter high high you climb it looks flat so therefore is a ball? Is it that on a computer model when you put the alleged height of the international fake station it shows you a cartoon of a curved earth? Is it the Japanese alleged satellite that takes an “image” of the earth every 10 mins that has already been proven fake? Give me your number one globe proof so I can destroy it and wont have to witness you scrambling for your 2nd best.


      • April 18, 2022 @ 3:58 pm SaneShane

        Your language very clearly illustrates that you are not open to any proof… You guys are all the same in that regard.

        You’re only better at showing a bigger mouth and convincing yourself of FE.

        The best proof by now is how ridiculous and non-sensical most *all* of your “proof” is. If I had made just one of those memes that Patrick loves to post, I would be too shy to come out the house ever again!

        Most of it is complete dumbass “logic” that is simply lacking the basics of, for example, photography, etc., etc. This is in many cases not a subject you can address with hillbilly logic.

        All your points hang by ridiculously thin threads, and inventing hundreds of those “proofs” and quickly jumping from one to the next somehow makes you believe you have a strong case?? Jeez…

        “Give me your number one globe proof so I can destroy it and wont have to witness you scrambling for your 2nd best.”
        > Who are you to make these rules? You seem afraid you will be overwhelmed with good proof? If *you* would come with a few really good proofs, there would be no doubt. But no, you guys are selling the most absurd points as “200 Proofs.” If you had even one, you wouldn’t need 200, would you? This alone is very telling.

        You remind me of an article, “(James) Randi runs away.”


  8. May 2, 2022 @ 4:38 pm Petrus

    In case there are any Walter Russell fans passing through — why is that even Russell affirmed the solar system with planets, just as we have come to accept? Surely with all of his brilliance he would have known if the earth was flat!


    • May 3, 2022 @ 8:54 am patrick

      Have Walter send us a photo of this globe please floating in space and some real photos of planets,not CGI. Love to see them.’thanks


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