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Regenerative Farming

ALFA VEDIC GARDENS began in 2007 at our site in the remote Mattole River Valley of Humboldt County, California. The property was developed over a 9 year period, and became a destination for visitors and locals alike who enjoyed the serene aesthetics, and impressive diversity of ornamental and medicinal botanical specimens.

The site conformed to both Steiner Biodynamics and Permaculture principles, with zoning strategies accommodating food and medicinal herb production surrounding a central core of living accommodations and commerce, which included a commercial nursery, and facility for the manufacture of herbal-nutritional formulations.

By 2016 the natural evolution of the project outgrew the Mattole property, and after a long search an ideal location was found on Big Flat, a small off-grid community on the south fork of the Smith River in Del Norte County, California. This Spring commences our 4th season of working this raw piece of land, and our stated mission remains consistent; local, sustainable agriculture as a means to preserve the ecology, and welfare of future generations.”

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Show highlights:

Dr. Barre Paul Lando of Alfa Vedic lives completely off-grid on a farm/orchard in Petrolia, California, in the Six Rivers National Forest.

He lives where the rivers meet the mountains, filled with wildlife and redwoods. The river closest to him is the “cleanest river in the U.S.”
Dr. Lando practices permaculture and biodynamic farming, growing fruits, vegetables, and medicinal herbs.

Patrick asks about New German Medicine (NGM).
Dr. Lando practices his own version of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer’s New German Medicine. He calls it New German Medicine 2.0.
Why is germ theory versus bio-terrain theory a false dichotomy?
What is meant by the ecology of the body?
Is a tissue response an appropriate way of letting off pressure at higher levels?

What is the connection between breast tissue and the hindbrain?

Is disease a realistic way of “making war on the body’s pathogens”?
Are viruses real? Is coronavirus a scam?
The entire world seems to be “hypnotized over bugs.”

“People’s minds have been terraformed by the propaganda machine,” says Dr. Lando.

Patrick says, “Every thought I believe is real is also in my body. When I realize it’s not real, it’s not there.” Does Dr. Lando agree?
What are the electronic levels and their sub-planes?
What does wave-form physics have to do with the astral, etheric, and mental levels of existence?
How does the body self-maintain and self-correct?
Dr. Lando is an ovo-lacto-vegetarian. He hasn’t eaten flesh foods in over 40 years. He was once a 282-pound football player.
He eats lots of live foods, but has no set rules. He details his eating practices.
What about cooked foods? Dehydrated foods? Ciders? Seasonal foods? Raw foods? Dairy? Legumes? Nuts? Sprouts? Grains?
Dr. Lando lives off-grid with his wife, his dogs, and chickens. Do they grow all their own food? Do they grow them year-round?
They live “an inch on the wrong side of the border,” referring to Oregon. As for the rest of California, “We just look southwards, and kinda shake our heads.”
Six Rivers National Forest and Wildlife Refuge has a strong American Indian presence.
It’s Bigfoot (Sasquatch) country, and the Indians describe many encounters. Has Dr. Lando ever seen Bigfoot?
Does Dr. Lando still see patients?
Dr. Lando practices radiesthesia. It’s a “big jump” in other people’s learning curves!

What is radioform mechanics?
Why does the body age? Is it a belief system? Is it thoughts creating a polarization creating a resonance?
How do we out-picture our own biology? Why is a face a composite of all the electronic vectors?
Geometry is an eighteen-dimensional prism resonating with every waveform.

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