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 Dr. R. Geoffrey Broderick DVM


“Compassion for Pets” is a groundbreaking, new book by Dr. R. Geoffrey Broderick, practicing veterinarian for 48 years, veterinary nutritionist and creator of Cornucopia. This hardcover limited-edition, autographed book is now available at a special introductory price.
This book uncovers the dirty secrets of the commercial pet food industry and offers enlightening and insightful information regarding proper pet nutrition for both dogs and cats.
There are many things to learn from the book, but a few “take home” thoughts include:
We will learn the difference in the requirements of the diet of an omnivorous carnivore (the dog), and an obligate carnivore (the cat).
Why would we give our pets food that we ourselves would never eat?
We must learn what pet food really is, where the ingredients come from and how it is made.
Our four-legged children should be eating the same quality food as our two-legged ones.
It is unacceptable to lose one-half to two-thirds of a pet’s life by feeding non-human-grade, toxic pet food.
These points are just an example of what can be learned from Compassion for Pets. Enjoy the reading and enjoy the better health of your pets!

Dr. Geoffrey Broderick
If you know or have a child that wants to be a veterinarian, this is an absolute, must-read, perfect gift for them.

Dr. R. Geoffrey Broderick, the creator of Super-food and Phyto-food for pets, is in his 42nd year as a practicing veterinarian in Huntington, Long Island New York.
He began the natural pet food movement in America by creating products that are free of chemical additives, artificial colors, flavors, sugars and MSG. “Doc” declared the commencement of this movement at the Health & Nutrition Expo at Madison Square Garden in New York City in the early 70’s.


Show highlights:

-Vaccine companies are making billions on making animals sick.  Would have fewer problems if vaccines were dosed according to the size of the animal.

-Before vaccinating an animal, he builds the immune system up first with 3-4 weeks minimum on his Phyto-food and Super-food supplements in addition to Cornucopia.  Gives 1 cc of the 6-in-1 vaccine diluted with 2 cc saline.  Gives one rabies shot at 6 months.

-Only 1 rabies shot is needed, but the law says 1 every 1-3 years.

-Can check immunity with titer test, but it doesn’t nullify the law requiring vaccines.

-Flea and tick repellants are very toxic.  Dr. Broderick rubs a non-toxic oils on your hands and then rubs it on the dogs coat.

-Vets are highly programmed by the pet food and vaccine cartels.  They need to get off their rule.

-Get his book, find out where all this vet advice came from.  Read labels, decide for yourself.  Feed organic food.  Cornucopia Institute rates Cornucopia Pet Foods as the number one food.

-There is no health care in this country.  It’s sick care.

-Vet doctors are controlled by the pet food cartel.

-Almost all of the giant food companies are owned by candy companies.  It’s how they recycle their waste candy.  Nestle’s Purina is the 27th largest company in the world.

-What is a non-toxic parasite treatment for kitties?   He puts diatemaceous earth in his Super-Food and Phyto-Food.  It’s like little glass and will kill the parasites.  The parasites don’t like the taste of clean organic food.

-There was no pet foods until the 1940s.  Cornucopia Pet Foods are not pet food, it’s human grade, certified organic, non-GMO food for pets.

-He made kibble for 40 years.  It’s impossible to get kibble right.  There’s no totally organic kibble.  If you’re giving kibble, you’re giving toxins.

-Jean heard that cats should have gooey wet food.  Yes!  From a vet’s perspective, the “problem” with Cornucopia Pet Food is there are no vet bills.

-Find a vet that’s been around for a long time.

-Cornucopia Pet Food, the number 1 pet food, isn’t found until page 4 of Google searches for organic pet food.

-Dr. Broderick recommends sulfur for all his clients.

-We’ve lost 2/3 to 3/4 of the life span of our animals.

-Lance’s dog has pancreatic insufficiency.  Any way to build up her digestion?  Call Dr. Broderick.


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Dr. Geoffrey Broderick DVM, Love and Organic Food is all they require, September 14, 2017

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