As we start with the premise that It’s all God, which it is, what is this fascination with killing things we think are “bad”?

Government’s since the beginning of this model have always created an “enemy” and tricked the people into killing them.

911 is the ultimate example of this Hegelian Dialectic – One creates the problem… “Terrorists killed 3,000 people by flying two planes into buildings” and now till the end of time a Trillion dollars a year is “spent” on going after “Terrorists” and our God given rights to travel free and unencumbered are gone.

The germ theory model, which our research shows is fatally flawed, is at the root of the “Kill” mentality of modern medicine with antibiotics, vaccines and chemotherapy.

The possibility of disruptions and “orchestrated” food shortages is growing for this coming fall and winter.

Is the drought in California and Arizona, two huge agriculture power houses a controlled event?

Some Emails discussed:

If God would have wanted face masks, we would have been born with them.  C’mon!  It’s an obvious sham!  I also like Cowan’s thing he quoted on another show…from a chiropractor, “If the virus theory was real, there would be no one alive to believe it.”

You had an article, or a video about Louis Pasteur, and the question surrounding pasteurization of milk given that his diary was published with some revealing information. 

The Sulfer has done wonders for me so far. I feel more clear in my mind’s eye, and I feel lighter somehow. I feel less congested in my brain, and much more sharp and intuitive. The things that I am 
describing are not on a consistent basis, but I can certainly tell that things are beginning to improve as far as mood. I feel more in tune with nature and my immediate surroundings. I am more in the present than 
ever before. All of that being said…… These emotions and feelings do not happen consistently and/or every day. I am hoping that with time and  patience, these things will continue to improve and I will be a 
healthier more complete person in mind, body and soul.

Should people take Ivermectin “just because?”

I suffer from  debilitating IBS and so his words were very encouraging to me. Would you know sir if Dr. Peat provides any private nutritional counseling, and if so, what would you suggest is the best way to contact him, as I have not been able to find an email or number for him on the web. God bless you and God bless the work you are doing on your radio show.  We are a conservative family. 

Just decided to listen to this interview again as it is one of my favorites. 3 months later and I am now doing far better than predicted by the medical "gurus" by doing exactly the opposite of what they recommended. Go figure. Wheelchair and walkers are gone and I am limping around and flirting with the girls. Can't quite catch em yet but I'll get there. I finally settled on something simple which was all I could do anyway and that was to mix DMSO at a 50/50 ratio with distilled water and then drink a shot glass every morning. It is working.

Thank you!  I received it!  We have been using this sulfur from  One Radio for years and it is simply the best.

A few jewels, as usual, from Atom Bergstrom

A sperm has a spike protein too. That’s how a sperm attaches to the ovumWe pray for global warming and more CO2.
But it’s NOT happening. The water hasn’t risen a bit here on the South Coast for 100 years, but the Sheep-Bots are preparing to be under water within a few years.

Allegedly, the U.S. is now infected by five Covids — the original plus the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. Delta sounds scarier, so that’s better to scare the pejabbers out of the Sheep-Bots

California is getting more and more like France in their vaccine drive.
Pressure is being put on landlords to evict the unvaccinated, and the homeless are being forcibly held down and vaccinated.

This is a wonderful report from Kay Fincher who used NAC to help a twice jabbed woman recover from near deadly reaction. Her proficient dowsing skills helped her determine the dosage.   I sent my friend from high school info about the jab.  She responded that her mother got it 4 days before and was now DYING in the hospital.  She said “I’m heartbroken “.    So…I went online and picked an NAC after listening to the Spanish guy who revealed he used NAC for jabbed folks..  It came in next day delivery.  I told her how to do it.  Her mother recovered!!

'If It’s all God Why Are We Trying to Kill Everything from Viruses to Bacteria, Fungus to Parasites? – July 23, 2021' have 2 comments

  1. July 26, 2021 @ 11:26 am Mary Nicometo

    Hello Patrick,
    I would like to suggest having Dr. Carolyn Dean on your show. She is a magnesium expert. I have learned a lot from her. I know you have had others and I bought the book but I think she is really an expert with experience. Thanks for all you do, Mary


  2. July 27, 2021 @ 11:19 am Kate

    I love this Patrick- what a perfectly perfect question!

    Let’s get wed!



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