Jim Rogers

James Beeland Rogers Jr. is an American investor and financial commentator based in Singapore. Rogers is the chairman of Beeland Interests, Inc. He was the co-founder of the Quantum Fund and Soros Fund Management. He was also the creator of the Rogers International Commodities Index.

China will be more important than Russia.

No country has been on top for more than a 100-125 years.  Is the US near the end of its supremacy?

US has been world reserve currency.  Currency is neutral.  But US is imposing sanctions on use of the dollar.  Took assets away from people without trial.  Countries becoming leery of what the US could do to them.

US is heavy in debt, more so than any other country in history.

Saudia Arabia has tremendous assets.  We want them to be at least neutral.  But they’re being courted by BRICS.  Other currencies being used for petrodollars now.

They keep making bad decisions in Washington.

Many countries are printing almost unlimited amounts of money.

In times of inflation, own the things that go up in price.

Will high enough interest rates stop inflation?

Lack of confidence in the US central bank means lack of confidence in the US dollar.

Europe has demographic and debt problems.

A lot of stuff we need comes from Ukraine and Russia.  Scarcity now affects grocery store prices.

Aged population of agricultural produces portends a shortage of farmers.

Someone will make a lot of money off climate change, whether it’s true or not.

Will China ultimately be in control?

China is on the rise.  Historically not a war-making nation.

Russia and China have huge geographical areas and resources. 

One Belt One Road Initiative will change geography.  May be one of the most important things in the 21st century.  Taking advantage of it may be a good money-making opportunity.

Henry Ford didn’t diversify.  Microsoft didn’t diversify.  Find something you do extremely well and don’t diversify.

Can you invest in water?  Jim Rogers is still looking for a vehicle.  Water resources are an easy target for politicians.

Is Bill Gates doing the smart thing by buying up farmland?

Learning more from mistakes than successes.

Singapore is the most successful country over the last 50 years. Everything works there.  Easy place to live.

Countries pegged to the dollar will pull away.  Just as they did from the British pound.

If central banks dictate something, they have control and can make other money illegal.

With digital currency, they know everything you do.

Will Bitcoin survive long-term?  As a trading vehicle, perhaps.  But not as money.  The government will always have control of currency.  They want to regulate everything.

What will new energy sources be?  Hydrogen?  Nuclear is cleaner and cheaper than anything else, unless a mistake is made.

What will happen in Taiwan?  US should leave it alone.  The threat is Washington, rather than China or Taiwan.

In all but 15 years of the US existence, we’ve been at war.

If he lived in the US, Jim would live in Florida.  US Is the largest debtor nation in history of the world and is always looking for war.  Future doesn’t look good for the US.

It’s a good time to be an old American.

Investment advice: Don’t listen to hot tips or what someone on the internet says.  Invest only in what you yourself know a lot about.  Gold and silver?  Nothing is safe.  Jim will buy more if the price goes down.

Are gold and silver prices being controlled?  Jim doesn’t think so.

Jim’s book, A Gift To My Children, passed on his advice to his children.   

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