Patrick took two long-awaited showers within hours of each other after being deprived for so long due to the ten days of Texas Snowmageddon. He had no water, electricity, wood, landline phone, mobile phone, internet, etc.

He was melting snow on his wood-burning stove so he could flush the toilet.

How do we create these things in our lives? Do we get signs and warnings in advance? What is the nature of cause and effect?

Patrick discusses the vagaries of “life, love, and fooling around.”

The so-called global conspiracy isn’t really a conspiracy because the information is coming directly from the mouths of the globalists themselves — Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Anthony Fauci, and the rest of the Davos crowd.


What happens when we are the effect of something rather than the cause?

How do we learn to be the cause? How do we allow Divine Spirit to flow through us?

How do we learn to listen to Spirit? What happens when we don’t listen?

When we react to the mind — the Matrix — we’re the effect, not the cause.

Are Sleepy Joe and the globalists really in control? They are attacking humans on many fronts.

The globalists are taking away our identity of being an American, erasing our identity of being a boy, and erasing our identity of being a girl.

Carol writes in about how cold it was on the Texas prairie where she lives. The compensation was seeing many red-breasted robins.

Was the Texas freeze caused by geoengineering? No, according to Patrick.

The globalists have convinced the socialists that Donald Trump was a real threat to the Great Reset.

There is no person, place, or thing that can program you or control you, unless you allow it.

Do we die? Do we reincarnate?

All of the people that are being programmed by the media are being programmed because they allow themselves to be. They have a choice.

Patrick describes his stretching exercises, and what he’s learned from doing them.

What is the connection between what is being called 5G and the actual spiritual Fifth Dimension?

“5G, 6G, 10G, nothing can hurt us unless we let it in,” says Patrick. “Out there is in here, so go within.”

What does Patrick think about Joel Skousen’s predictions? If we have free will, can we really predict anything?

A listener asks about the Proud Boys and the Klan.

Atom writes in, “I’ll be on March 1st, the 76th anniversary of an armed attack on the United States Capitol building, injuring five Representatives. History repeats itself.”

What about Med-Beds? Do they really work?

What happens if something doesn’t work? “Do something else,” advises Patrick.

“It takes a long time to get young, but this is where we’re going.”

“We don’t ‘get’ flu, in my opinion. We just detox.”

Atom writes in, “Remember the great optimist, The Doom Slayer (Julian Simon). He affirmed we’re never going to run out of space and food, no matter how many billions of people are added to the global population.”

Patrick plays a video of Rand Paul questioning Rachel Levine, the transgender nominee for Assistant Secretary for Health.

Atom La Bamba, a biological male from the Left Coast will be on Monday.

How to survive and thrive in unsettling times with Patrick Timpone, February 26, ONE

How to survive and thrive in unsettling times with Patrick Timpone, February 26, TWO

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