Patrick gives his take on how in all healing crisis events in the body as the body is healing is the most painful and

uncomfortable.  This is exactly what is going on Planet Earth today.

It is essential to have some discomfort before Souls wake up and ask, and then see what they’ve created and what needs to be changed.

Whenever we have some kind of guilt or reason to believe that what we’ve done is “wrong” it is impossible that the particular behavior will stop.

Rather than “letting go” of the thought, image or feeling of guilt, the only way out is to realize there’s never anything ‘wrong” with what you may do and most importantly…no one, no where cares what you do.

The idea of “sin” is a fraud and doesn’t exist.  Karma does, but not sin.

God never ever..ever..stops loving and accepting us no matter what we “do”.

Some are concerned that the elite will try to tie in taking the jab with using banking services.  Patrick believes they may “try” but it won’t fly constitutionally.  And this is why it is a good idea to dip ones feet in the crypto world as it may be the option we have during some tumultuous changes coming in the financial world.

Julie calls and talks about how and why she loves the Aqua Cure Hydrogen Machine and asks Patrick the story on Pearlcium

Lisa from the Bay area calls and Patrick and she talk about her desire to get out of California while the getting is good.

They muse on where would be some good places to go; Hawaii, the upsides and the downsides.

Patrick posited a question, ‘Why is Australia and Canada two of the most dysfunctional and dystopian countries today?”  First correct answer to win two pounds of our great sulfur.

Kevin in Orange, Virginia was the first to answer correctly saying because the British Crown, The Queen Mum…which is deeply rooted in the Rothschild dynasty and the Bank of England…to this day control Canada and Australia.

Emails from listeners:

Thank you ! You’re right.... I’m the only one who cares about my pain and unhappiness. I’m a good person ..unique.. I have qualities and God loves me and so do a few good friends !!

Now I understand the job of the network news; they must repeat and repeat a order for folks to think upon it..AND BY DOING SO..CREATE IT!!!There would be no pandemic without mass hypnotic suggestion via Big News 
Networks programming us so we can bring it into reality. No thank you. I'll use my imagination for other things.

Great monologue yesterday ! esp. the audio about the white hats etc...will re-listen..
The delta variant is appropriately names cause you have to be asleep to believe..

Where can I find the video version of recent shows?

I’m not sure I heard Dr. Daniels correctly.  She said to simmer ginger in 1 ½ cups of water for 10 minutes.  I thought she said 15 slices of ginger.  Is that the correct amount?

Testing pH in urine, saliva, and blood doesn't reveal anything about the solid matter in the body, including the structured water. How can you measure the pH or Jell-O with a pH strip?

I think Dr. Daniels has got the pH wrong. Urine should be acidic yes, but if your saliva is acidic then it is rotting your teeth. Saliva pH should be alkaline. Where is she getting the info that saliva should be acid??

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