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‘Ab Irato’ or more often just ‘Ab’. Ab (also known as ‘Tim’) does not reveal his legal identity or his physical appearance, but has given some level of detail about his life via the posts and podcasts. The following is a basic overview of the character known as ‘Ab’ according to his own testimony:

Ab is a middle-aged American man (in his mid-fifties) currently living in Toronto, Canada. His day job involves large amounts of driving cross-country, which allows him to listen to many podcasts. He has a family, but the wife and children are disinterested in media fakery, meaning the fakeologist website is Ab’s chief outlet for discussion of such topics.

Ab first awoke to the lie system in the early 2010s after learning about the deception involved in the official story of 9/11, and decided to begin his own blog / podcast in response, which eventually became the Fakeologist site as it stands today.

Ab is a heavy promoter of Simon Shack’s September Clues film, which Ab cites as the key source of his own initiation into what he now knows as media fakery. Ab has interviewed Shack on several occasions, although their relationship has been strained by Ab’s promotion of the Flat Earth meme (or, more specifically, Ab’s reposting of prominent Flat Earth promoters’ material, beginning 2015). Ab takes a particular interest in local news fakery around his own province of Ontario.

Ab spent most of 2017 focused on ‘elite gender inversion’ (a.k.a transvetigations), a niche field of conspiracy ‘research’ (i.e. entertainment/gossip) concerned with questions such as, ‘is [ostensibly female celebrity] really a man?’. This interest appeared to have died down somewhat by the beginning of 2018 although Ab still mentions it occasionally to this day.

Ab was one of the first people in the broader ACT realm to identify that the ‘pandemic’ was a hoax. He then spent much of 2020 researching and discussing the various alternative opinions regarding vaccines. Ab is now of the opinion that the the chronic illness of his own daughter (a young adult) is the result of vaccines she received earlier in life.

Ab was at one point a Maple Leafs fan but since learning about fakery in pro sports has lost interest in the NHL. Apart from working his job, and discussing media fakery, it is not clear that Ab has any outside interests or hobbies, other than general health. Ab is a teetotaller and spends a lot of time listening to various health-based content creators. For example, Ab is a promoter of the idea that humans should squat when going to the bathroom, and has installed a ‘squatty potty’ in his own home.

Like many content creators in the ACT realm, Ab does not generally meet his fans / followers in real life. He made one exception when Hoi Polloi (assistant to Simon Shack) visited him circa 2019. Apart from the information Ab has shared on his own website and in the podcasts he has recorded, not much is known about Ab, although there may not be that much to know. He seems like a fairly simple guy who is passionate about media fakery and enjoys discussing it with the people who visit his site.

An IRS mandate years ago brought Tim AKA Ab into the world of digging into the “truth” of things

His model to support himself is value for value, asking people to exchange their dollars for his content

Was/is the COVID story a military operation?

What is this Great Reset coming going to look like?

Were there no deaths in the 911 operation?

Is it possible that the entire JFK assassination story was a psychological operation?

Ab believes the plan is to have one Central bank with a one world digital currency

He suggests checking out Mr. E on cosmology truths

What is elite gender inversion?

Many Hollywood actors sell their Soul to become big

Check out Simon Shack on 911

 Is it possible the entire nuclear weapon and energy story is false?

Tim likes Epic Cash as a private way to transfer money

Some emails:

Can you ask your guest if David icke is controlled opposition?

Does your guest think Donald Marshall and the clone story is true? What about vrills and draconians?

What does your guest think about the ‘International Fake Station’? 

Satellites real or on balloons?  Does he think Dinosaurs were made up?

Can you please ask your guest what he thinks about gematria? Does he believe that the cabal might actually be communing with interdemensional beings and/or serving these entities? Also how can we the people benefit through gematria…like through sports bets?

Does your guest think Sandy Hook was real or a drill?

Is your guest familiar with Jim Fetzer’s work?

Fakeologist One

Fakeologist Two

'Tim of Fakeologist Takes Tin Foil Hat Memes to a Whole Other Level | March 14, 2023' has 1 comment

  1. April 30, 2023 @ 4:50 am Kate

    Great listening to this guy, except he is wrong about electricity. It is not generated at all. Thats the biggest lie we are told to control us and everything in our lives. We live in an electric world. We are electric. We produce electricity in our bodies and electricity is everywhere. What do we plug into ourselves????? Where is that energy coming from?
    Electricity is constantly recycled back to the grid. Its never used up.


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