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atom-bergstrom-sunAtom Bergstrom, born Gosta Ingvar Bergstrom, Jr, is credited as the founder of Sun Sync and the leading expert on a Sun-Centric lifestyle. Atom’s journey towards health, nutrition, longevity, and meditation goes back to 1955, when he first started reading books by D.C. Jarvis, J.I. Rodale, Carlton Fredericks, Adelle Davis, Aldous Huxley, Paramahansa Yogananda, Swami Prabhavananda, and numerous others. His exposure to the above mentioned authors instigated a deep desire and passion to understand and unlock the secrets to optimal human wellness and longevity. Atom was inspired by the words of Thomas Jefferson: “School teaches all of the branches, but none of the roots.” He sought the answers to his questions, not in classrooms, but in books, relationships, and life experiences. His quest for true knowledge and wisdom began by studying in hundreds of libraries across the country and evolved by studying with teachers and masters including Swami Adano Ley, Sufi Adnan Sarhan, Rabbi Michael Shapiro, Taoist Master Yun Xiang Tseng, and Fitness Icon Gypsy Boots. His most significant teacher was Swami Adano Ley with whom he spent 14 years. During this time, he studied a variety of sciences extensively, including the sun centric lifestyle, and ultimately graduated from Adano Ley’s Texas Institute of Reflex Sciences. The knowledge and wisdom he gained studying under a highly evolved swami combined with his emphasis on scientific research & personal experience would soon become the heartbeat of Sun Sync Nutrition. For the past 40 years, Atom has dedicated his life to the continuous learning and teaching of Sun Sync Nutrition, Time Conscious Eating, Cosmo-Chemistry, Reflexology, Muscle Response Testing, Body Language Analysis, Iris Analysis, Lucid Dreaming, Meditation and many other sciences.

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A wide variety of subjects were danced with on this show with Atom such as:

Dr. William Beaumont (the Father of Gastric Physiology) experimented with the hole in Alexis St. Martin’s stomach for well over a decade. (St. Martin finally escaped.)  He took exact measurements of hundreds of foods digested …

1) chewed and swallowed   2) entered directly through the hole   3) digested in a beaker outside the stomach

Can Atom explain why some people have their feet swell to large, painful proportions when they travel by airplane, and what some lasting solutions are for this issue?
I was wondering if you knew if someone that had PRK or LASIK eye surgery years ago, would get the same results with the Bates method today if the eyes have regressed over the years.

So if carbon dioxide is life force energy and it’s released through the anus as flatulence… The question is, how many farts must I recycle before becoming immortal?

Do either of you have any inputs or experiences about left and right nostril breathing?

I had been having terrible gut pain on my left side waking me up at night. The color was a transparent royal blue as if painted on white paper. There were spring green tinges at the edges of the blob of blue. Atom had diagnosed this as a trauma relating to mom.

The colors show I’m still missing my mother, esp. the part of me that followed her advice (or the exact opposite —> the advice I didn’t get from her and had to seek elsewhere from idealized mother figures).

Hi Patrick and Atom: My 65 year old male friend has had 3 small strokes in the past 2 months. The doctors have confirmed the strokes by a brain scan, but have no idea what is causing them. Prior to the strokes he described himself as active and healthy. Would you have any idea where he should start looking for a cause? 

Having spikes in blood pressure that seem to be correlated to my upper cervical and general spine miss-alignments. How does that work and any remedies to control in between chiro visits

How to best prepare before her mid-week hip replacement, primarily to avoid high blood pressure from pre-operative stress and prevent any ill effects on brain from being put under?

 As she also has kyphosis, is there anything simple she could do in rehab to alleviate her bend posture? And to control her neuropathy in her legs due to tightness in the stockings she wears for varicose veins?

 One thing is to avoid canola oil. Most restaurants processed foods have it.

Can Atom explain why the body would deteriorate both hips. Not with arthritis, but avascular necrosis where the bones were dying.

What does Atom think of eating honey… how much should we use?

What about hypoglycemia? When I was younger, I used to drink a lot of juice and eat a lot of cereal in the morning. I used to get lightheaded, weak and shaking an hour or two after breakfast. Now I mainly eat eggs for breakfast and more protein and less carbs and I rarely get that hypoglycemic feeling.

If prana is carbon dioxide retention, then should we start drinking
carbonated beverages to increase prana?

Does blackstrap molasses have any benefit?  

What is the best time to breath hydrogen gas and drink hydrogen water?

My daughter was very tired and almost passed out. I had molasses and tomato juice. It fixed her up immediately 15 minutes.
It was magic!! Thank you Atom!!!

Atom Bergstrom, Yes No Maybe and big yes for this nearly three hour show, November 18, 2019 ONE

Atom Bergstrom, Yes No Maybe and big yes for this nearly three hour show, November 18, 2019 TWO

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