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Beth Kaplan Bongar aka Laughing Diva

Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is a revolutionary idea – simple and profound – that is sweeping the world as a complete wellbeing workout. By using the power of yogic breathing, movement, sound and cooperative games, people of all ages are radically changing the quality of their lives by holistically dealing with their stresses, grief, anxieties, and fears.

Laughing Diva’s Laughter Yoga workshops integrate Laughter Yoga exercises with the “power of exhalation”, music, movement, juggling, meditation, and more. The result is a powerful, energizing, fun-filled routine perfectly adapted to the types of stress and challenges facing the individual or group being worked with.

Laughter Yoga isn’t about jokes, being funny or even having a sense of humor – it’s about intentional laughter combined with breathing exercises that triggers healthy physical changes in the body. The health benefits are the same because your body doesn’t know the difference between induced or spontaneous.

Beth BongarBeth Kaplan Bongar (aka Laughing Diva) is a phenomenon: an icon, actress, healer, teacher, author, mother and one of a small band of pioneers on the planet working with the healing power of laughter and dedicating her life to the discipline of Laughter Yoga.

Beth, a certified Laughter Yoga Teacher since 1995, has been healing people with the power of laughter and joy all her life. At 19, she ran away and joined the circus and became a professional Ringling Bros. clown. She also studied mime with Marcel Marceau and attended the California Institute of the Arts. She has also worked with numerous well-known coaches, including Stella Adler, Sheila Gray and Elizabeth Browning.

Beth’s magnetic, positive style and endless energy have inspired and provided real health benefits to thousands of people worldwide. She performs in workshops for national corporations, hospitals, older adults, college students and children. Her enthusiasm and compassion have brought relief to those suffering from chronic pain and grave illnesses. They learn to use laughter to manage pain, boost energy, increase focus and improve their overall ability to deal with stresses and challenges.


Show Highlights:

-Learning how to breath in deeply naturally

-Tapping into joy: By practicing laughing, you’ll laugh more, thus changing negative patterns

-What in the world is a clown doctor?

-What is going on in the body when we laugh?

-Fake it till you make it; when you’re down and depressed, just put a fake smile on your face and see what happens

-How owning our stress is different from getting into a victim thought process

-The specialness of ADHD children and Indigo children

-Can laughing yoga help develop a sense of humor?

and so much more!


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