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Spring Cleaning the Body: Detox , Cleanse and Rejuvenate with Juices, Teas, Green Elements, PI Water, Turmeric and More!


Brandon is gearing up for a short juice fast as it is starting to get warmer and the energy of spring (wood element) supports the body in eliminating toxins and shedding what was stored/accumulated from winter. A few of his favorite detox products that are on sale at Shen Blossom include: Gentle Cleanse Tea – This formula is foundational to strengthening the elimination pathways of the body, facilitating phase one and phase 2 liver detoxification. It also has anti-microbial actions and anti-inflammatory properties as well. Green Elements – This super-nutrient blend strikes a beautiful harmony of ingredients and helps give the body a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, co-factors, and trace elements that supports the body to eliminate toxins and rebuild tissues. The blend is formulated for cleansing, building, strengthening, and as an immune food. Schizandra products – Our Schizandra powder, berries, and liquid extracts are all on sale and help to provide the body with energy and liver support, keeping the mind alert while cleansing. Biocean Quinton Minerals – These ultra-pure ocean minerals have very similar ratios of minerals to those ratios found in blood plasma. They are extremely bio-available and absorbable and are a must for any cleansing protocol. In particular check out the Biocean Marisyl HEPA 4 formula. This formula specifically targets the liver and digestive track and include extracts of black radish juice, milk thistle, artichoke, burdock (gobo) root.


Questions about The Blue Shield EMF Protection Device?

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Brandon Amalani


We talk about the many food choices we have, the relevance of raw foods also

Brandon is working on a new collagen product coming soon to Shen Blossom made from algae 

Schizandra is a great liver tonic for spring cleaning

Patrick and Brandon discuss more in depth how The Blue Shield device to strengthen cells in the body to withstand all EMF exposure.



Brandon Amalani of Shen Blossom and Blue Shield Products with a little spring cleaning, May 8, 2018

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