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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Schizandra Berry has been used for many health-related conditions including: boosting energy at the cellular level, conditions of the digestive tract, stimulating the immune system, stress, fatigue, exhaustion, irritability, insomnia, radiation protection, regulating blood sugar, counteracting the effects of sugar, regulating blood pressure, regulating cholesterol, anxiety states, depression, dyspnea (shortness of breath), vision, night vision, eye fatigue, speeding recovery after surgery, coughs, enuresis (bed-wetting), frequent urination, involuntary discharge of semen, night sweats, spontaneous sweating, generating bodily fluids, wakefulness, regulating concentration, regulating coordination, motion sickness, regulating endurance, suppressing hunger, and alleviating thirst.

For thousands of years, Schizandra Berry has aided countless people in living longer, healthier, more active lives. The use of Schisandra Berry for medical purposes is attributed to the Chinese. Schisandra Berry is said to “prolong the years of life without aging” in the Divine Husbandman’s Classic of the Materia Medica written prior to 200 C.E.. Schizandra Berry has been used for at least 3,000 years by people in China and has been used, praised, and recommended additionally by the cultures of Korea, Siberia and Japan for centuries. Schizandra Berry’s reputation has been earned for its remarkable ability to help balance the body, prolonging life, helping the body adapt to stress, and nourishing chi – life force energy.

Scientists are continuing to discover remarkable properties of Schizandra Berry and continue research into its scientifically-proven results. Schizandra Berry has been extensively studied by scientific and medical researchers. There are over 156 scientific studies on Schisandra chinensis listed at, The U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health website, and there are hundreds more scientific studies on Schizandra Berry in Russian and Chinese that have not as of yet been fully translated into the English language.

Brandon Amalani is the founder and creator of Shen Blossom. Brandon specializes in sourcing rare, top grade herbs, and creating unique formulations that employ traditional small scale methods of transforming the herbs in a way that preserves the energetic and healing qualities of the herbs so that the personality of the herbs shine though. Brandon uses time and traditional methods to protect the herbs through the extraction process in order to ensure their full spectrum nature. With an understanding of the chemistry of how specific herbs can be extracted yet simultaneously be cared for, he is able to utilize methods and processes that unlocks the nutrients and benefits in a natural and effective way without over processing and degrading the botanicals which is common in the herbal industry.

Using the principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Brandon helps guide people into understanding themselves better in order to work to heal the body, raise the spirit and to increase personal peace and conscious awareness.

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Some of the items covered through emails:

My friend was in Desert Storm…and like many other vets there, he developed pulmonary fibrosis when the sand left silica in his lungs. There is no true cure and he is told it is terminal in a few years.

The alveoli walls have thickened. It is scarred and cannot exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide. He is active yet uses oxygen while sleeping and upon exertion.

Brandon…do you have suggestions for lifestyle that will soften lung and clean out dead tissue
My daughter began having ocular headaches. It’s like you can’t see for about a few minutes to half an hour or so. Anyway, I got her the Blue shield cube because her husband works in I.T. and has a lot of emf producing equipment. When she started using the Blue shield, the headaches stopped. She also got them in her car. She used the small one when she travels. Anyway, one day at home, she got a really bad episode. She remembered hearing something hit the floor but thought it was the cat. She was cleaning later that day and found out the the blueshield had become unplugged. When she plugged it in again, no more ocular headaches. I told her to maybe try experimenting by unplugging the cube but she isn’t too excited to try doing that. Her husband doesn’t think emfs are a problem, but I’m sure we’ll convince him otherwise
Question For Branden! My Blusheild Cube fell of the shelf from the wind, there is no physical damage to the cube and it still works but could the impact have screwed up the calibration for it to work properly? 

Brandon Amalani and a peek into some fabulous, really fab…new products, December 17, 2019


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