BREAKING: Major Health Freedom Victory! 4 Vaccine Bills Defeated in FL


After a deluge of vaccine bills threatening to strip health freedom flooded the FL legislature earlier this year, the concerted efforts of grassroots activists and independent media emerged victorious with all 4 bills now officially withdrawn and defeated.

I am excited to announce a major victory for health freedom today, proving Margaret Mead’s saying that you should,

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.”  

Two identical bills submitted to the Florida Senate and the House of Representatives in January mandating HPV vaccines for school children have been defeated. Two other bills released the same month which would have forced those who opt out of vaccines for their children to be entered into a centralized database which would track their whereabouts (and make possible State-mandated “home visits” to coerce or force vaccine compliance), have also been withdrawn from the Florida Senate and House. All four bills were permanently withdrawn on 3/10/2018.

Grassroots Activism: Alive and Well

It was the The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) that first alerted a small but growing group of activists and health freedom loving citizens in Florida to the impending threat. Floridians for Medical Freedom lead the charge by organizing representation at the state capital.

You can read more about the history of these bills in our previous reports here:

With the help and courageous efforts of independent media organizations and leading activists, including GreenMedInfo., NaturalNewsKelly Brogan, MDRobert Scott BellDr. Sherry Tenpenny, and others too many to name, national attention was cast on these bills, including research that was published in the American Journal of Public Health showing that Merck has been manipulating the legislative process via lobbying and other methods to mandate the use of their products.

Battle Won; Epic Battle Just Beginning

While this is a defining moment in health freedom history, it is just part of the ongoing struggle to preserve our dwindling health freedoms in this country and abroad. The United States has seen no less than 454-vaccine-related bills introduced into state legislatures between 2015-2017.  It is well documented that organizations like NACCHO act as ‘front groups’ for the CDC and their private, mostly Pharma-sponsored funders, drafting legislation aimed at undermining parental rights and health freedom. It will take a concerted effort by all stakeholders to continue to preserve health freedom.

Ways You Can Help Continue the Positive Momentum

We suggest several ways to do this.

First, join the National Vaccine Information Center’s advocacy portal for updates.

Second, spread this and other articles around via social media and forwarding this and other related emails to friends, family, and loved ones.

Join the free Greenmedinfo newsletter to stay abreast of these important health freedom updates and action alerts.

Support our ongoing efforts, which are 100% user supported, by becoming a friend, power, or professional member.

I’d like to thank everyone who supported this effort and for your continued support for health freedom in this country and around the world. Never before have we had such a level playing field in fighting medical tyranny before. Your voice was heard, and will continue to, as long as you continue to know your rights and power to preserve them. The future of our children’s health and well-being both physically and spiritually depends on continued activism like this from you.

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