Dave Murphy

It’s All a Dream In the Mind of the Most High

Why have we become psychologically weakened by the spinning globe theory of earth?

Why do they lie to us about our cosmology?  The uneducated eye knows we’re on a flat plane.  We must be taught otherwise.

Dave says the Old Testament is real history and explains how we got here.

We must be created because everything is interdependent.

Lost History videos explain the lost history of flat earth.  Our earth has been melted out of a greater earth.  Email Patrick to get the video link.

New land appears as the sun melts the ice at the extremes.  Finding architectural buildings that couldn’t’ be built today. 

The map of the earth is up on the moon.  It’s dark spots represent the current land masses of earth.

Why is the magnetic center of earth moving?

Our maps are 2,000 years out of date.

Why would NASA spacesuits not withstand the pressure of the vacuum in space?

How high is the firmament?  What is the barrier that stops us going too low or too high?

Emailer George wants to know what is above and below earth.

Is earth a state of consciousness?  It’s a dream in the mind of the Most High, a point of conscious awareness.

Second Esdras in the Apocrypha explains why we are here.

Caller Sean wants to know the number one thing that clinched flat earth theory for Patrick and for Dave.

Chris asks: Is pangea, a supercontinent where land masses were all connected, true?

David questions if the sun is a ball of hydrogen. 

The fallen angels taught astrology.

Old Testament is the Book of Remembrance.  Why are other ancient texts not trustworthy?

Paleo Hebrew is the original language of man, a language of word pictures.  It’s unlike other languages because it resonates with the right side of the brain.  Can’t be translated into western languages.

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