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Why aren’t you in perfect health?
Because the foods, medicines, advice and personal care that we buy are not what they appear to be.
You try to care for your body and your loved ones, you make an effort to buy healthy foods, you are intrigued by new announcements from pharmaceutical companies and scientific researchers, yet you are still tired and fuzzy and have several ailments. Why?

Most adults in rich Western countries are not slim and healthy. Even though most of us can afford to buy a trolley of food in the supermarket, the medicines we are led to believe we need, a gym membership and an appointment with a doctor, we are fatter and sicker than our grandparents. Why?

The answer is that the foods, medicines, services and health products that we buy are not what they appear to be.

The quest for profit by big business means the control of government regulators, control and manipulation of scientific research publications, grossly unfair and one-sided laws, control and spin of the media, bribery and threats (“lobbying”), and outright corruption are now the everyday way of doing business for big food, big pharma, big supplements, big health care and big personal care.

Small and family businesses are more likely to produce traditional foods and products that have integrity. However, the laws are so heavily stacked in favour of the big players that everyone else cannot compete and often cannot survive.

Genuinely healthy foods and medicines are deliberately discredited or even outlawed. Cheap or low cost (or no cost) ways of caring for you and your loved ones are lost or forgotten. People are taught and brainwashed to assume that good health is expensive. Big business does everything it can to hide the traditional, natural, cheap and really effective ways of caring for your body.

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Show Highlights:

-Key things that contribute to the aging process. The main thing is your outlook on life.

-How sleeping well aids in detoxification as well as fasting.

-What is carbohydrate concentration?

-Finding good natural fats like avocados, coconuts, and animal fats.

-Healthy plant oils.

-Exercising every day. Swimming in salt water has great benefits to the body.

-Why we need to connect with the Earth; earthing yourself on a salt solution

-Shocking the immune system with cold temperatures.

-Mr. Miller tells us why he doesn’t use supplements.

-Symptoms of copper deficiency; liver is the richest food in copper. Can you get too much copper?

-Testing for mineral deficiencies in the body.

and more!!

david niven miller on staying younger longer, february 27, 2017

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