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Hemobiographic Blood Analysis

Harvey Bigelsen M.D. * is the first medical doctor in history to practice Isopathy or Biological Medicine in North America. He is a trained MD for 39 years with more than 25 years of experience in alternative medicine. As the first president of the Arizona Homeopathic Medical Board, he drafted the guidelines and standards for the practice of ‘HolisticMedicine in Arizona that set the precedent in the United States. He helped to author the law that made Arizona Homeopathy what it is today.

Hemobiographic Analysis is the most comprehensive method of blood analysis in that you can evaluate, in real time, the state of the disease and the effectiveness of your treatment. We ask Dr Bigelsen what Hemobiographic Analysis is and how diagnosis and prognosis are formed. This will be a very informative and exciting hour as Dr Bigelsen talks about Patricks blood analysis live on air.

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The following 5 images are samples of Patricks blood and have been taken by Dr Harvey Bigelsen who will talk about what they mean in the interview above.

Patricks Back

Patricks Brain

Patricks Kidney

Patricks Lung

Patricks Umbilical Cord

The following 5 images are samples of some of Dr Bigelsenpatientsand were taken by Dr Bigelsen who will talk about what they mean in the interview above.

Tooth Implant

Woman Having Period
Broken Femur

Three Month Fetus
10 Week Fetus

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  1. May 8, 2021 @ 7:16 am Savory Hubbard

    This is a fascinating look at what causes our bodies to decay quickly! Even though my father passed away in 2019 at 93 – his last two or three years he lost his ability to communicate, walk, or even go to the bathroom on his own. I’d like to prevent that from happening to myself. Dad had mother and my sister that were living with him at the time. I am single, will most likely stay single (never married and 60 yrs old). So I don’t want to have to end up an invalid crawling to the bath room. Presently I am fighting inflammation. My stomach is the largest it’s ever been and I am now having pain in my feet when I walk! I am starting a fast!! Attempting to go 40 days on water alone – I’ve been able to do this before – but have only lasted 5/6 days the first two time over the last month and a half I’ve attempted this fast. I’ve completed a 15 day water fast before – so I know I can do it! The question is -will this assist my system. I also have a scar from the removal of my fibroid tumors. However they regrown and the doctors I’ve spoken to want to do surgery to remove them. I’ve learned that there are different options that the Veterans Hospitals will not provide. Plus I am on a breathing machine that hinders my ability to sleep through the night! So I will be placing an order for this study. I too would love to know where I can find a doctor in Tulsa, Ok area – as this is the close location within 100 miles that I can travel! Thank you for placing this information out here for those of us who look more and more for an alternative way of health care!!!


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