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ALFA VEDIC GARDENS began in 2007 at our site in the remote Mattole River Valley of Humboldt County, California. The property was developed over a 9 year period, and became a destination for visitors and locals alike who enjoyed the serene aesthetics, and impressive diversity of ornamental and medicinal botanical specimens.

The site conformed to both Steiner Biodynamics and Permaculture principles, with zoning strategies accommodating food and medicinal herb production surrounding a central core of living accommodations and commerce, which included a commercial nursery, and facility for the manufacture of herbal-nutritional formulations.

By 2016 the natural evolution of the project outgrew the Mattole property, and after a long search an ideal location was found on Big Flat, a small off-grid community on the south fork of the Smith River in Del Norte County, California. This Spring commences our 4th season of working this raw piece of land, and our stated mission remains consistent; local, sustainable agriculture as a means to preserve the ecology, and welfare of future generations.”

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Techniques for growing non-native adaptogenic teas.  Incorporating electrical vectors.

3 types of caffeine.  The type in Dr. Lando’s specal green tea provides a gentler uplift.

Structuring commerce with public and private sides.  Know how to work in their system without taking on the liability.

Why was gold our first money?  Is precipitated light from solar rays.  Has highest resonance in the mineral kingdom.

Being a co-creator in the alchemy lab.  Honoring qualitative and quantitative aspects.  Soul, spirit, body – all products of the same electrical vectors.

Constitution doesn’t give us rights.  We were born with rights. 

Hanging (brachiation) good for upper respiratory system.

Adipose tissue as a way to protect against stress.

Caller struggles with rheumatoid arthritis and lung symptoms.  Opportunity to be unearthed with every symptom.  Cell salts correct deficiencies of minerals.  Avoid ingesting toxins.

Listener asks about the benefits of eating only one meal a day. 

70% of nutrition comes from the atmosphere.  Hydrogen is the fire element and conjugates with water and atmospheric nitrogen.  Eating too often overburdens the digestive system and creates conditions for bacterial growth.

Benefits of home ozone therapy.  Ozonating sea plasma instead of blood.  Special coffee for coffee enemas.  Using them to reduce pain by cleaning out the liver.

Hold coffee enemas for 20 minutes.  Start with 1 pint of water and increase volume over time.

What are the chief causes of constipation?  Liver congestion and pancreatic disorders.

Always make sure the body has the 12 building blocks.  Use cell salts, which are capacitors.  Dr. Lando’s webpage will have a grid to determine constitutional salts and bridge salts.  Other sources: Dr. George Carey, Dr. W.H. Schuessler, Inez Perry.

Be a benevolent god of your own universe.  We’re here to manifest on the ground.

Every thought is an electrical vector.  Thoughts are things that polarize and create resonance.

Christ Consciousness as a balance to Luciferian experience.  More than physical experience or ego.

Krypton and argon gasses in a chamber under the bed promote lucid dreaming.

Nesara, Gesara, Annunaki, extraterrestials – are they real?

Is everything a soul?  When did we know?  When did humanoids become self-conscious?  What are the different levels of consciousness?

How to see things in their spiritual totality?  Most of us looking through one color-blind eye.  Look and see, with nature as the best teacher.

We’re here to overcome matter and not to be tracked in a matrix of our own making.

How is sacred geometry a vehicle for self-consciousness? 

Need the idea before the form is created.

The great old thinkers didn’t buy into the germ theory.  People awakening to its falsity now.

There’s more truth in demons and possessions as causes of diseases.

Patrick recommends The Saker The Vineyard of the Saker | A bird’s eye view of the vineyard  as a good source on the Ukrainian thing.

Will our government get its just desserts?

Is there any reason for optimism?

Their end-game is to create fear.  If they were that smart, wouldn’t they get more believable front-men?

Will Putin back down?  He’s standing up for his own people.

Don’t give it your energy but don’t bury your head in the sand.

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