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Christopher Vasey is a naturopath and author living in Chamby-Montreux, Switzerland.

He studied at a naturopathy school in Paris under the supervision of P.V. Marchesseau and Alain Rousseaux.

In 1979 he started his own practice. Alongside his therapeutic work, he continued his formation by studying the works of famous naturopaths such as Dr. Paul Carton, Herbert Shelton, Robert Masson, R. Jackson, Kneipp, etc. In 1981, he organized his own introductory courses to naturopathy and started teaching in various health-oriented associations (natural medicine therapists, staff of health shops …)

From 1988 onwards, his many books on natural medicine have been published by Editions Jouvence, Geneva, Switzerland. Part of these books are now available in English, published by Inner Traditions, Vermont, USA. Among others “The Acid alkaline Diet”, “The Naturopathic Way”, “Optimal Detox” … (see the complete list in the “books” section of his website).

Some of Christopher Vasey’s books are also available in other languages, such as German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Chinese …

Since 1994 he has also written books on spiritual themes. Available in English: “The Secret of the blood” and “Gnomes, Elves, Nixies … a worldwide knowledge”.

Christopher Vasey gives lectures regularly in Europe (Switzerland, France, Scandinavia, Iceland …), in the USA and Canada. He takes part in Book Fairs and natural medicine exhibitions, as well in radio programs. He writes for several nature- and health-oriented magazines and for spiritual publications, among others the “GrailWorld”.

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Show highlights: 

-When someone changes to an alkaline way of eating, it works to relieve ailments.  Changing the diet solves many problems.

-Eat organic and nonprocessed.  But even if organic, a person might not metabolize a food well.

-Children are brought up without exposure to dirt, foods are processed, milk from cows not eating grass, chemicals in food, GMOs – body is stressed trying to deal with these unnatural elements.

-Any validity to pH testing?  Yes, in urine.  Body receives and produces acids, kidneys eliminate acids.  Urine pH of 7 is healthy.  pH of 6.5 and under all through the day means the inner environment is acidic.   Should test multiple times throughout 2-3 days.

-First urine of the day is always acid.  Test second or later urine.

-If urine is acid, lower intake of acid foods:  meats, grains, sugar.  Eat more alkaline foods – all vegetables except tomatoes, also bananas, almonds.  Take an alkaline supplement with the  alkaline minerals calcium, potassium, and magnesium in a quantity that allows the pH to come back to 7.  Individual dosing required, take 3x/ day, until pH is stable at 7.  pH Ion Balance is an alkaline supplement.

-Someone acidic is always tired, lacking drive.

-When we eat and work, some toxins are produced and the body can handle them.  If we eat too much or wrong foods and agents, the toxins produced in the internal environment leads to illness.

-If the body doesn’t detox sufficiently, herbal products are helpful.  Sauna and exercise for sweating.  Depending on the illness, can detox for a specific organ.

-Should we detox on an ongoing basis?  Try it and see.  Probably a good idea occasionally for everyone.

-Is milk thistle safe to do for a few months?  No problem, no side effects except maybe loose bowels.

-Don’t go too extreme with remedies, so it’s not hard to come back to usual.

-Bowels should work without any herbal health.  Get fiber and bulk from vegetables, fruits, and grains.  Drink enough liquids.  Need the liver to secrete enough bile.

-Everyone needs to move.  Exercise improves circulation, oxygenation, helps liver and kidneys, burns the foods we eat.  Don’t overstrain.

-We are responsible for our illnesses.  Illness isn’t a punishment, it’s the consequence of our mistakes.  It’s a blessing – brings attention to the need for change.

-Drugs to change people’s brains are an illusion.  They might feel better for a short time, but they causes the body to act in an exaggerated way.  They don’t make us more healthy.

-We aren’t just a physical body directed by the brain, but a soul incarnated in a body.  We are here to learn to become a spirit that knows how to act in harmonious ways, to be better people.

-Ian Stevenson’s book, Children Who Remember Previous Lives: A Question of Reincarnation.  

-Spirit is either masculine or feminine and it incarnates in a body that responds to its gender.  Sometimes people feel they’re not in the right body.  May have incarnated to experience what it’s like to be the other sex.

-Cannabis for healing?  Helps certain people, should be used as any other herb, in the correct way.  Shouldn’t be banned if it’s effective, and it is effective.  In Europe, political attitudes about its use are coming along slowly.

-Mountains give us clean water.  If using tap water because in town and it’s flat, it shouldn’t make us ill.  No added fluoride in Switzerland.  Buy filters to clean water, replace them regularly.  Buy bottled mineral water, but plastic bottles are not the best.

-GMOs aren’t accepted by people in the shops in Switzerland.  Have label laws.

-He initially thought it was not good to eat meat, but he got weak, stressed and anxious without it.  We are used to eating meat, and the body can function with it.  Most people feel not as strong or as well when they don’t eat meat.

-Seafood and fish is good, if it’s in good condition.

-Generally best to eat food from the region where we live.

-Whey protein is a good source of protein.  Fresh whey will rebuild intestinal flora, stimulates kidneys, detoxes.  Whey protein powder is a concentrate of protein.

Christopher Vassey and the practice of Naturopathy, October 3, 2017

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