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Dr. Kuhn gives us a complete protocol for liver/gallbladder flushing, anyone can do at home with 5 days preparation.


The Metabolic Institute, LLC is a Corporation formed by Dr. Curtis R. Kuhn after 27 years of personal experience on Metabolic Therapy. The core of this nutritional protocol is the science commonly known as “Metabolic Typing”. It’s founder and scientific creator is Dr. William Donald Kelley, founder of the International Health Institute and co-founder of The College of Metabolic Medicine.
The Metabolic Program developed by Dr. Kelley is a systematic means where any individual can gain a level of optimum health. The Kelley Program is a metabolic/nutritional system which employs evaluation tools to obtain an accurate picture of strengths and weaknesses of a person’s being. From this a metabolic program is developed, specifically tailored to the needs of that individual. At the basis of the program are the concepts of non-specific metabolic therapy and metabolic typing. Basically, non-specific metabolic therapy is the building up of all the organs and systems in the body so that serious degenerative diseases, everything from cancer to heart disease to arthritis, can be defeated by the body’s own immune mechanisms. Metabolic typing is: Determining the state of a person’s metabolism to discern what sort of metabolic program is best for that individual. Dr. Kelley’s basic premise is that the only way to treat and prevent disease is to (re)build health.

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Dr. Kuhn had a plethora of health “issues”, nearly dying and after years of searching he found the work of  William Donald Kelly and found his way to health.

A broken neck led him to a dysfunctional pituitary gland

The body likes to heal on its own terms, healing each organ in the order it wants to heal

He explains the autonomic nervous system

In the early years he needed to take handfuls of supplement, that included lots of pancreatic enzymes

The body can rebuild any organ 

Apple Cider Vinegar and Cranberry juice are often used for Kidney Stones

Dr. Kuhn gives us a detailed and complete protocol for liver gallbladder flush

Some emails asked and answered:  

What does Curtis think of the this statement: All cancer is fungus based

Where does Dr. C get his enzymes? I could not get anyone to respond from College Health Store recently

We know that the contributors to the site have an agenda, but would you ask Dr. Kuhn’s what his response to the negative information concerning Dr. Kelley on Quack Watch is?

Can you REBUILD the thyroid that’s been radiated 19 years ago with glandular s ??? And what is your thought why the desiccated thyroid pills are becoming scarce ?? Are the white coats wanting us all on .. Synthroid

Can Dr. Kuhn explain which Metabolic Body Type would have an expression of chronic gut inflammation increase in its severity of symptoms when the person uses more salt in their diet? When they reduce their salt intake the pain decreases (but still lingers at a lower amount), and when they raise their salt intake the pain is significantly higher. They use the Morton’s Pickling and Canning Salt that Patrick and his guests have recommended for health purposes.

Dr. Curtis Kuhn PhD, Fun show loads of information plus details on coffee enemas and liver/gallbladder Flushes, February 12, 2019 ONE

Dr. Curtis Kuhn PhD, Fun show loads of information plus details on coffee enemas and liver/gallbladder Flushes, February 12, 2019 TWO

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