Dr. Darrell Wolfe 

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The Doc of Detox Talks Cleansing, Pain, Negative Emotions, Diet & Healing

Dr. Darrell Wolfe has 35 years experience in natural medicine and is known as the ‘Doc of Detox’.

Dr. Wolfe’s best selling book ‘Healthy to 100’ is the foundation from which he created his one-of-a-kind ‘Healthy to 100 Community’, where he hosts his weekly webinars and teleconferences to awaken the world with life-changing techniques and strategies. Dr. Wolfe has a weekly international radio show where he trains his listeners how to master their health, heal the body and awaken the mind.

He is also the director of the prestigious ‘International Training Institute of Health’, where he teaches and certifies his unique breakthrough training courses to all sectors of the public and the professional health community.

Dr. Wolfe’s clinic and retreat are based in Kelowna, BC, Canada, where he treats, teaches and consults patients, locally and globally. Dr. Wolfe has been presented with the ‘Order of Excellence’ Award by The World Organization of Natural Medicine.

Show Highlights:

-First step is determining your belief systems. Subconscious mind drives your behavior and doesn’t talk to the conscious mind. The subconscious mind needs much repetition to change, done with purpose and passion.

-Majority of population experiences only 2% of joy every day. We’re getting used to being dysfunctional. Need to stop the cycle.

-Perfect Day consultation. Examine physical and emotional parts, how we eat, drink, think. In 30 days, clients get into their heart, process through the heart, and awaken themselves.

-Darrell’s 2 Free Gifts: 2 hr. audio “Emotionally Fit For Life”. eBook – “Healthy to 100”.

-When we’re unable to process emotions with love and joy, and there are negative feelings attached to them, they’re not processed. Tissues are damaged, inflamed, rotting; scar tissue created in body. All tissues have different frequencies attached to them. Your emotions find the tissues that have a matching frequency. Can reverse these conditions.

-Must be able to love, trust, and honor yourself before we can honor the Source.

-Snap Back To Reality – repetition and honoring yourself. If you’re not honoring, you’re dishonoring.

-Once we learn it’s okay to love ourselves, we realize it isn’t taking anything away from the world. We can have joy in ourselves.

-Doctors treat more than they train. Patients need self-empowerment.

-Denise asks about multiple sclerosis. MS actually starts in the large intestine. Must be off all carbs completely. Fresh and raw diet. Bring up the vibration in your body. Create the perfect day in every way. Band-aid approaches, this or that supplement, don’t fix the underlying problem. Join the Healthy To 100 free online community.

-All systems in the world are created to bring down our bodily systems.

-Pain is our GPS and friend. Alerts us to what’s going on in our body.

-Paul did Perfect Day and healed a lot but was left with numbness. Can learn to break up the fibers and scar tissue and remove the numbness.

-Treatments to remove scar tissue and release trapped emotions. Can reverse many medical conditions, including scoliosis, fibromyalgia, migraines, hip conditions. Testimonials on Dr. Detox’s website.

-If you want to control the masses, take away their self-esteem. We talk down to ourselves and lost the honor for ourselves.

-Until you honor, trust, love, and respect yourself, you will not experience the joy you’re supposed to have. You will be the light if you have love for yourself. Eat light, live light, think light.

-Juan asks about chronic pain in the GI tract. Listen to audio of “Emotionally Fit For Life”.

-Darrell’s technique softens scar tissue and separates the fibers apart. Trigger points are scar tissue knots of compressed fibers. Formed through repetition. Darrell’s class teaches people to separate the fibers themselves.

-Ivan wants to know how we communicate with subconscious mind to reprogram its behavior. Repeat that he loves himself. Watch out how he talks and thinks, see that he’s connected to his breath. Change your face. Judgment jail is determined by your subconscious beliefs.

-Life is as short as a fart and if you want it to stink, it will.

-Take gentle baby steps of cleansing the body and mind, loving and caressing yourself.

-Sometimes you have to face the lion because there’s no reason to run from it.

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Dr. Darrell Wolfe and detoxing from emotional, mental and spiritual challenges, May 11, 2017

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