Dr. Harvey Bigelsen and Adam Bigelsen

The Bigelsen Method: Understanding the Messages in the Holographic Blood
Not to be confused with Live Blood Analysis

One drop of blood will show what the body is concerned about. This concern could be structural, energetic or emotional issues. Typically what we are viewing is the root cause of the body’s imbalance, not the result (symptom). The heart did not show up in the blood of the person with the heart condition. The blood showed the person’s structure was out of balance, and it was putting pressure on the heart. With a little structural manipulation, the pressure is taken off the heart and the heart condition returns to normal. Once the root cause is correctly addressed, the images in the blood will change realtime, and symptoms may mysteriously disappear.
As a tireless advocate for homeopathy and biological medicine, Dr. Harvey Bigelsen has courted controversy and endured legal persecution, while helping to change the public perception of healthcare. A true pioneer, Bigelsen co-authored the Arizona Homeopathic Medical Practice Act, and was appointed by then Governor Babbitt to establish a board, and while acting as president, to set the standards for holistic medicine. The law gives homeopathy equal legal status with allopathic and osteopathic medicine.  For the first time holistic physicians attained true medical freedom within a peer reviewed board. To assure homeopathic physicians are well-trained, Harvey Bigelsen’s law requires that they must have an active, United States license as a medical doctor or an osteopathic physician.
Though he now counsels patients to avoid surgery whenever possible, Harvey Bigelsen began his medical career as an ophthalmologist. As a young doctor, he served his country in Vietnam, ranked as a commanding officer in charge of mass casualties, and performed hundreds of surgeries as a trauma surgeon. The war was a turning point in his life, igniting his lifelong distrust of authority. In 1971, after being honorably discharged, he began a successful practice in Princeton, New Jersey. The young doctor grew frustrated by his inability to cure his patients—he felt more like a mechanic, fixing problems but never addressing the underlying problems. He began looking for options. In 1976, after extensive exploration into other healing modalities and a life-changing appointment with Dr. John Diamond, a medical doctor who followed homeopathic philosophy, he moved his family to Arizona to work in a holistic clinic. There he began his path as one of the true medical trailblazers in the United States. In 1978, Harvey Bigelsen was elected as a member of the founding board of trustees of the American Holistic Medical Association, today the oldest holistic medical organization of its kind.

Show highlights:

Now living in northern California and is consulting.  Government keeps him from treating people as a doctor.

In trouble first with Arizona and then the feds and California.  Convicted of illegible handwriting.  Convicted of curing a person illegally.  Medicare audited the 28 cases that another person in his group had treated with chelation out of his 5,000 total files, led to conviciton of $3,500 of Medicare fraud.  Gave up his license.

Can now find problems and work with other health practitioners.

Microscopes were confiscated for a year by a medical board, with no basis.  Convicted of using the title doctor – said it was false advertising.

Now has an association and does educational consultations.  Will go anywhere where 10-15 people get together.  Can look at someone’s blood and educate them about what they can see and what they can do.  After treatment with a practitioner, the Bigelsens can look at the blood again and monitor progress.

The soul is in the blood.  Is the only thing that communicates with every part of the body.  Anything out of balance creates a frequency that shouldn’t be there, creates a hologram in the blood.  Treatments are reflected immediately in the blood.  In the 1950s Edgar Cayce said the physician of the future will use one drop of the blood to diagnose the entire body.

Blood is taken from a capillary, but the image of what is seen in the microscope is larger than what the capillary is.  A hologram is created of the interference field in the body.  A special high definition microscope with a non-light source is is splitting the beam from the side.  If the light goes straight through the blood slide, nothing is visible.  Medicine never looks at anything live, it’s all stained and dried.  Symbionts exist in all things;  are pure life, they help us in life,  help us in death.  Stain kills;  Bigelsens don’t use stain.  Most bloods live 2-3-4 days on the slide.  After 24 hours, half is alive, can still see forms on the slide.

 Using Skype, with a microscope sited in England and the Bigelsens in the US, they can read blood that is in England in real time.

Can see a fetus in the mother’s blood.

Being out of alignment can cause pressure on the heart.  Slides show what the body is concerned about.  5 diaphragms in the body which contract and expand 8-10 times/minute.  Need spinal fluid to be pumping to allieve brain fog.  Want a structural homeopath.  Structure is king.  Disease cannot exist when there are no obstructions.  Structure is a supportive framework for the flow of energy in the body.

The body is a car built by God.  Surgery is a stab with a knife you never get over.  Find out where scars are, do osteopathic work to open them up, and life will flow.

Belly button is tied up to the diaphragm.  As the diaphragm contracts, it squeezes the bile out of the liver.  If the belly button is tied up too tight as a baby, will get mononucleosis when a teenager.  Want to leave 3-4″ on umbilical cord.  Pulling on the umbilical cord to tighten it and make it look neat is pulling on the diaphragm.   Want outies until teen years, then innies.    Most people can’t take a big deep breath, can’t stand up straight, because of too tight belly buttons.  Injecting procaine in the belly button to clear constriction.  Tight belly button shows up in the blood.

Patients with Lyme Disease – most have had major dental surgery within the prior 2 years.  LD is not caused by ticks.  The roof of the mouth is the base of the temple.  If you can keep that mouth wide, you won’t get Alzheimer’s.  All the acupuncture meridians run through the teeth.  Craniosacral fluid is nourishment for the nervous system and not just a cushioning fluid.  Every time you swallow, you pump fluid up and nourish the nerves.

Chronic lymphatic leukemia is the result of cavitations in the mouth.  The body keeps putting out younger cells to try to repair the cavitation.

Emotions are a big deal in health.  Steiner says we have physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  If any one is off, the rest get thrown off.

Harvey has gotten into stem cells in the last couple years.  They are the future.  Have drinkable ones now, from pigs.  Pigs and humans have close genetics, no problematic reactions to drinking pig stem cells.  But blocks in the body need to be opened up so stem cells can do the work they need to do.

Normal blood pH is 7.4.  Cancer patients have blood pH of 7.55, 7.7.  Can look at how blood dies and see what you are predisposed to.  What works for one doesn’t work for everyone.

Bones don’t move, muscles and ligaments do.  Structure is king.  Yoga, tai-chi, Qigong,  pranayama are wonderful practices  Scars from abdominal surgery will pull on the back.  It’s all interconnected.

Find a traditional osteopath or naturopath doing neural therapy.  Release the scars and physically manipulate the body.  Scars should be released every 3-6 months by injecting procaine into them or with acupuncture.  Rub coconut oil on scars regularly.  Dr. Bob Marshall recommended rubbing clays on scars.

Emotional components get locked physically into the body.  Treat the scar and the emotion comes out.

Can pray to let an emotion go, but then you have to physically get it out.  Each organ is associated with a specific emotion.

Lynn in Switzerland was told by a Cuban trained heart surgeon that her heart murmur sound can be attributed to resonance because she has a high gothic roof in her mouth.  Dental work can cause a tilted head.  Missing wisdom teeth compromises structure.  Can do exercises to widen the mouth.

Carol asks about the rumor that the royals and wealthy celebrities drink blood or have transfusions from young people to increase longevity.

We have met the enemy and he is us.  If not taking accountability for your health, there is only so much anyone can do for you.

Do something for 10 minutes every day that you can get joy out of.  Write down 10 things that bring you joy.  Exercise and keep the body moving, breath.  This is the youngest you’ll ever be.  Harvey is 76 and still going strong.  Get busy living or get busy dying.

Lynn has had 4 C sections, 2 total hip replacements, and parathyroid removal.  Is there hope for her with all these scars?  There is always hope.  Can improve everyone’s quality of life.

Remedies to release emotions.  Isopathic – live germs, made by Sanum Company.

Jewish Harvey learned holographic blood analysis and treatments from a former Luftwaffe German doctor in Arizona treating Adam for severe mononucleosis.  He was healed in a day.  Further experience learned from another German doctor there.  The irony of German doctors who may have learned their techniques from concentration camp prisoners teaching a Jewish doctor how to save lives.

The body has an order in which it wants to be treated.

Trapped inflammation is when we get sick.  Healing crisis of peeling back layers to get to the original issue.

Vaccinations are homeopathic in principle, but kids are getting too many too fast.

Are cell salts effective?  Yes.

Robert asks how affordable is your blood diagnosis?   Blood slide is $350, need to return overnight.  Must belong to their association for a onetime $25 fee.  Bigelsens will educate you.  Follow-up slide is $250, need to send in every 3 months or so.

Hal Huggins’ dental clinic in Mexico.  Join the Bigelsen association to find out more.

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Dr. Harvey Biegelson M.D. and Adam Biegelson on How Blood is a Hologram f the entire body, June 15, 2017

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