Dr. Jennifer Daniels

Author of The Lethal Dose: Murder By Medicine is No Accident


Dr. Daniels is a former medical doctor who had her medical license suspended due to not prescribing enough drugs and truly healing her patients.
Dr.Daniels is widely considered one of the foremost Alternative Healing Physicians alive today. She graduated from Harvard University with Honors receiving a BA degree. Her education continued at the University of Pennsylvania where she received her Medical Degree (MD) and also attended Wharton where she received her MBA in

Health Care Administration.
She practiced medicine for 10 years as a Board Certified Family Practice Physician where she saw first hand the power of Natural Methods.
She has been coaching clients to successfully heal naturally since 1985.
She is the author of the award winning book, Do You Have the Guts to Be Beautiful?

Dr. Jennifer Daniels

Show highlights:

-People get heart attacks in the morning because they don’t drink water.  Have water for breakfast, eat later.  Drink 1-2 quarts of water before eating and see if you’re still hungry.

-Apple cider vinegar with the mother has an array of microbes and enzymes that help with digestion.

-Animal protein is best in the middle of the day.

-Turpentine is good any time you can get it.  Don’t take with coconut sugar.

-A 70 year old man has difficulty swallowing and most food gets regurgitated undigested after a few hours.  Only able to eat cream of wheat and milkshakes.  Water comes up immediately.  Vomits frequently, losing weight.  Change diet, cut out dry stuff.  Have 3 bowel movements a day.  Increase water intake.

-Carole asks for suggestions on improving eyesight and not needing reading glasses.  Look out in the distance more.  Use turpentine or put a pea-sized piece of Vick’s Vaporub in the lower eyelid at bedtime and blink.  It will burn.  After a week, you won’t need reading eyeglasses.  Vision distortions are due to toxins in the eye.  Bates Method.

-Vitality Capsules.  Take with food.  Start with 1 capsule each day and increase until you have 3 bowel movements a day.  Take all capsules together with meal of your choice.  Can take every day.  Will result in faster movement through the digestive track and better digestion.

-No evidence home birth is less safe than hospital birth.  Baby is better off at home because it’s not getting drops or vaccinations and baby is not separated from mother so it stays warmer.  Less maternal bleeding because once the baby latches onto the teat, mama stops bleeding.  At home have benefit of eating and drinking throughout labor.  Much pain of labor is caused by dehydration.  The hospital causes the complications.  80% of women who die in childbirth is because of medical care.  It’s natural to not cut the umbilical cord or wait for an hour after birth.  Leave the placenta attached so blood can drain into the baby.

-Hospital consent form says they can take any body parts they want and dispose of them as they want.  You’re also signing over your house as collateral for hospital bill.

-Caller shares out she had two 16″ worms come out taking Vitality Capsules, turpentine, and salt water enemas.  Headaches at 3 am due to parasites.

-How can one have enough Vitamin B12 if not eating animal products?  Sublingual B12.

-Filip has issues with leaky gut.  How do you know you have leaky gut?  Not all gut problems are leaky gut.  Cook bones for broth for 8-24 hours.  Bay leaf is anti-parasitic, vinegar pulls out minerals.  Dr. Daniels likes beef or pork for broth more than chicken.

Hour 2

-Ann asks how to heal sprained ankles?  If more than 1 week old, apply turpentine directly to help pain.  Eat a high collagen diet, especially Great Lakes Gelatin.  Dr. Daniels likes the red can because it’s less processed.

-Tanya wants to make healthy bread without yeast or baking soda.  Make a flat bread.  Sourdough isn’t any healthier than any other white bread and it uses the same yeast as found in vaginal yeast infections, which are cured by douching with garlic tea.  Need to cook garlic.

-JP has an ulcer.  Fix the dietary issue.  Get rid of dairy and coffee, then experiment with diet.  Chew fennel seed when feeling pain, less than 2 lbs. a day – good to discourage parasites because it sedates them.   H. pylori is a contaminant of tap water, so drink distilled water.  Drink 2 liters/day water minimum.  Ulcer is a disease of dehydration – it’s from the stress of dehydration, not stress from your job.  It not hydrated, the parasite won’t wash away into the small and then large intestine and will instead stay in the stomach.

-Shanni asks if it is safe for a pregnant woman to take turpentine?  Dr. Daniels doesn’t recommend it because she doesn’t know the effect.

-Alberts gets blood in his urine about once a month, when he feels tired.  Buy Multistix to see if there is blood in the urine other times that isn’t visible.  Could be from kidneys or bladder.  Press over each of them to see if it hurts.  Apply turpentine to whichever is tender.  Something in diet is contributing to this.

-Charles can’t believe Dr. Daniels is suggesting turpentine.  Is she crazy?  See Cleaner Report, read twice.  Drink only 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine.

-Joan asks what to do for gout?  It’s from ultra high protein foods – stop eating them.  Stop skim milk.  Eat the fatty part of meat, not the lean.  Drink more water.  Apply turpentine to the gout itself.  To achieve a cure, take Vitality Capsules.  Don’t eat food that has been processed.

-Ivan wonders why there is an increase in cases of childhood leukemia.  Caused by antibiotics and vaccines.  In Europe, prohibited to administer antibiotics for ear infections.

-Tetracycline doesn’t stop acne.  Acne is from a diet overloaded with processed food which overloads the liver.

-What does Dr. Daniels think of the standard of care of getting an ultrasound at the 20th week of pregnancy?  If pregnant, eat, get fat, gain 40-60 pounds.  Skip the prenatal visit, or go once a trimester.  No benefit to prenatal care, no benefit to ultrasounds.  The best method for knowing due date is your recollection of your last menstrual period.  Take the first day of last bleeding, go forward 40 weeks, that’s your due date.  Birth will be within a week of the due date.

-D asks why Dr. Daniels consumes only the juice of sauerkraut without eating the cabbage?  Because she gained gain weight eating the cabbage.  Best probiotic profile is from the juice.  She doesn’t ferment anything else.  Drink juice with meal for digestion, drink between meals to free up frozen joints.

-Vee has stabilized blood sugar, but has red splotches on feet and shins and they feel numb.  Drink high dose of saukerkraut juice, 1-4 cups a day.  Enzyme will clean up the junk clogging up the small blood vessels.  Check diet.  To make 1 gallon of sauerkraut, take 3 qts water, 2 TB salt, 2 TB caraway seeds, heat to 100 degrees.  Shred cabbage, pack into 1 gallon jar, can add grated carrots.  Pour in warm mixture, keep pressing until air bubbles come up.  Put 1 large cabbage leaf over top, rocks or weight on top of that, cover.  Cover with paper bag, put in cupboard.  Heating gives fermentation a start if ambient temp is less than 90.  Yields 2.5 quarts. Strain off juice.  Mix another batch, pour over cabbage.

-What can Collette’s 86 year old Dad do to increase kidney function?  The drugs he’s on are decreasing kidney function.  Metformin takes out the liver.  Stop it to get liver to do more work and clean up the blood.  Lisoprinil also impairs kidneys by lowering the blood pressure.  Kidneys can’t clean what doesn’t come to them.  Doctors only responsibility is to standard of care.  No room for obligation to the patient.  Give him Vitality Capsules, which stimulate release of bile to the liver and especially helps someone without a gall bladder.

-Adrianna wants to know the protocol for hypothyroid.  Every organ has a redundant function.  For thyroid, organs that help are adrenals and liver.  Increase function of adrenal glands and liver.  Apply turpentine externally to thyroid.

-John’s friend has a swelling on the side of her face below the ear around the jawbone.  That is the parotid gland.  Put turpentine on the area.  Getting frequent canker sores, acne once a month.  Look at food, stop eating processed, increase BMs and water intake, flush yourself.

-John wants to know if he has a parasite problem.  He’s been having skin problems for a while, so yes, he has a parasite problems.  If parasites aren’t bothering you and you have no symptoms, leave them alone.

-Susan is 55 yo female with 10 lbs of stubborn fat to lose.  If eating chocolate, can she do turpentine?  Just cut back half on the chocolate.  Her ankles and fingers are swollen; she lives in Arizona with 100 degree temps the last 3 months.  Could be from the heat.  Get into an air conditioned room, or soak in a tub filled with room temp water.

-Gwen in NY has a cysticercosis (tapeworm cyst) in her brain.  Do the Candida Cleaner protocol.

-Amy has an itchy rash on her ring finger.  Get a larger ring size, let the skin breathe around the ring..

You can get Dr. Daniel’s free report on using turpentine safely and effectively.  Get the “Candida Cleaner” here.

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Dr. Jennifer Daniels M.D., August 29, 2017 Hour One

Dr. Jennifer Daniels M.D., August 29, 2017 Hour Two

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