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Liver/Gallbladder Health
Dr. Kenneth Sutter is a chiropractor in MI. He has helped others to heal since 1976. He learned the ropes from figuring out how to heal after massive chemical insults in Vietnam:Agent Orange, parasites, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, heightened awareness factors, panic attacks, paranoia, liver cancer. He was a mess – barely alive.

Show Highlights:

-Started his chiropractic practice 41 years ago.

-Dr. Sutter was exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam War. 3 strikes against him: he’s a veteran, a chiropractor, and he can save someone from cancer. He stays low key and doesn’t bother the government.

-With cleanses, he’s expelled 20 lbs. of nasty topical parasites he picked up in Vietnam. They were in his liver and large and small intestine. They affected his nervous system, wired him up, and made him suicidal.

-Parasites create an anesthetizing agent in our bodies, so you can’t feel them. Once he started doing cleanses, getting rid of the anesthetized lymph is what took a while. Had to get rid of lots of white stuff.

-How to know if you need to do a flush? 4 basic symptoms: bone-crushing fatigue, a tan stool because it’s not getting any bile, serious smokey body odor, and elevated liver enzymes.

-Marilyn asks: what are the symptoms of low potassium? Muscle cramps, if untreated can progress to heart arrythmia.

-Don’t know why Coke works in the flush, but it makes the olive oil go down smoother. Popcorn will also pull stuff out of the liver. Orthophos softens the stones. Lemon causes liver to pucker. Olive oil helps the ducts open up.

-Clark and Moritz liver/gall bladder flushes are classic, but some people have experienced gall bladder attacks using them because something got stuck in the common bile duct. Hasn’t been an issue with Sutter Coke flush.

-Sutter Coke flush: mix 4 oz. olive oil, 4 oz. defizzed Coca Cola Classic, 2 oz. fresh squeezed lemon. Stir, don’t shake, lay on right side ½ hour, on left side for 15 min., and on back for 15 minutes.

-Kill parasites before doing a Coke flush.

-If you don’t get stones out with the Coke flush, you probably don’t have stones in your gall bladder. If you don’t have symptoms, do a maintenance flush once a year.

-Dr. Daniels’ flush uses ¼ c. castor oil and 1 tsp turpentine. Dr. Sutter hasn’t used her flush, but he loves her material.

-Olive oil must be organic, doesn’t matter if it’s virgin or nonvirgin.

-If mandible is sore, just below the ear where the jawbone goes up, the atlas axis is out and you need an adjustment. TMJ is an atlas out of place. Criteria for what to look for and avoid in a chiropractor. No lumbar rolls.

and more!

Dr. Ken Sutter D.C. liver gall bladder flushes made easy peasy, May 4, 2017

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