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For you thyroid fans looking for more information on healing up your vital gland, we think you will find some “new’  to us information on the various thyroid issues circling the runway.

Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum has been in private practice for over 30 years.  She has been using in-depth principles of Ayurveda in her practice with outstanding results with all health problems.   Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old tradition of holistic medicine that comes from India.  The United States does not have such an ancient tradition of alternative medicine.   The field of holistic medicine in the United States is in its infancy.  Thus, many mistakes are being made in the treatment of patients, especially with regard to diet, daily routine and detoxification.

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Having food in its most natural state is a deep concept that retains the Prana aka Chi in the food, essential for us

Foods that have lost their vital force tend to clock up the channels by shrinking them, and inflammation

Nightshades do have an element, Nicotine, that plays havoc on many suffering with symptoms of arthritis

Goats milk is often more digestible for some, yet Ayurveda says Cows milk, properly prepared is one of the most perfect foods on the Planet

Dr. Titlebaum works with clients firstly on the gut and then suggests having them take milk

The thyroid moves through non detectable stages of failure before even showing up out of balance on blood work

The immune system gets out of kilter and causes symptoms called Hashimoto’s and Graves Disease

Probiotics are essential for building gut microbiome of the entire digestive and elimination system

Often a sluggish gall bladder is the key player in acid reflux

The thyroid has a difficult time functioning well without animal protein

There are many reasons why Soy is simply something to just stay away from

Coconut Oil can be hard to digest in the cooler weather

Listener calls asking about Fluoride in tea bags

Some emails:  I recently started taking LDN for MS and I’m getting some mild headaches since I started and I almost never have had headaches in years. Will I get some alternate suggestions when I read your book should I decide to stop the LDN?
Thank you very much.
Have prostate problems and high PSA any suggestions 

If you don’t have access to good raw milk can you buy organic lactose free milk at the store and boil it and put the cardamom and cinnamon in it and be ok

What foods are good to eat to avoid heart attacks?

Dr. Marianne Tittlebaum D.C. on her many years of learn Ayurveda from a master, October 8, 2019 ONE

Dr. Marianne Tittlebaum D.C. on her many years of learn Ayurveda from a master, October 8, 2019 TWO

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