Dr. Randi Hutter Epstein, MD

Author of AROUSED: The History of Hormones and How They Control Just About Everything


In AROUSED [W. W. Norton & Company; June 26, 2018], Randi Hutter Epstein, MD takes readers on a fascinating tour of the unique history and science behind one of medicine’s most important discoveries—hormones—and our quest to understand and control them. Chapter by chapter, topic by topic, with curiosity and wit, she explores the field of endocrinology’s most unusual and important scientific discoveries, beginning with the nineteenth-century medical practitioners who started researching the chemical-secreting glands in our bodies. Dr. Epstein will discuss the: greatest medical advancements to emerge from hormone research: the ability to accurately measure hormones. For most of medical history, doctors couldn’t actually measure them; treatments were based on educated guesses compelling details of the false “cures” that were peddled dangerous missteps that were made along the way lifesaving discoveries made by talented and dedicated medical professionals—many of them women famous Leopold and Loeb murder trial that played off the 1920s notion that criminality could be linked to hormones “pioneering” use of vasectomies as a male rejuvenation treatment use of human growth hormone to “cure” shortness tragic realization, decades after they are first used, that hormones gleaned from the body aren’t necessarily safer than those made in a lab Randi Hutter Epstein, MD, MPH, the author of Get Me Out, is an adjunct professor at Columbia University, a lecturer at Yale University, and a writer-in-residence at Yale School of Medicine.

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Hormones are chemicals that tell the various organs and glands what to do and when to do it.

Modern day research started in the late 1800.s

Hormone Replacement Therapy explored

Menopause, a natural occurrence with modern day problems because of toxicity

Some emails:  Can you pls ask the Doctor is she know the T.S. Wiley Bio-Identical Hormonal Replacement Protocol and what she thinks about it?

One school of thought is that during menopause the cessation of monthly cycles allows toxins to build up and interfere with hormones.

Another general health principle is that most conditions are usually related to a combination of nutrient deficiency and toxicity. Would Dr. Epstein agree with these ideas and thus the possibility that hormonal issues could be resolved by cleaning up the diet and careful detoxification protocols?  Or are there some times when supplemental hormones should be administered?

How about vitamins ? Do they affect hormones

Can Dr. Epstein talk about the role of pregnenolone? Dr. Ray Peat suggests supplementing with it as a neuro protective. What does Dr. Epstein think of supplementation? Thanks!

Dr. Randi Epstein M.D. and her look into hormones from the view of contemporary medicine, July 5, 2018


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