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Dr. Richard Massey joins us LIVE once a month to take health questions from our listeners. He is an MD practicing Wholistic and Natural Medicine.
Meridian Grace has over 40 years of experience and worked with thousands of clients. Since she was 14 years old, she knew that high quality life includes spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Tirelessly researching all these years, she integrates the wisdom of the ancients with the most up to date technology. She continually attends workshops, classes, and seminars to explore new ideas and technology in all aspects of the holistic health field. Meridian greets you with a compassionate listening heart.

Massey and Meridian

Show Highlights:

-See Dr. Massey’s videos, including recall healing and his blood test, at awakeninghealth.com/media. Call Meridian for her products at 512-698-7009.

-Get Gary Hanna’s monoatomic colloidal silver and clays at naturespureorganics.com.

-Message from people who had near death experiences: we are eternally and unconditionally loved. New therapy for healing from grief and trauma: Induced After Death Communication, book of that name by Dr. Allan Botkin. Also Gregg Unterberger’s book “The Quickening” and YouTubes.

-Another therapy for trauma is Brainspotting – a modified EMDR therapy. Do with a professional.

-Ketogenic diet supports stem cells, especially when coupled with fasting.

-Nancy’s friend just had a second heart attack, had a bypass and is getting a stent, has only 1 kidney, 1 lung removed because of cancer, and is looking for help. Take 3-20 drops of Strophanthin (ouabain) 3 times a day, while monitoring bp and heart rate. It scavenges lactic acid, takes up oxygen better. Small arteries of the heart operate like the pupils of the eye; they change size when we’re fighting for territory. The heart attack happens after the “fight” is over, when the arteries close down for repair. Suggest a consultation with Dr. Massey to discuss what he is fighting about.

Hour 2

-CytoDetox – a liquid zeolite that gets rid of metals. This form is different, it gets inside the cells as well as detoxing metals through the bowels. Contrast mediums such as gadolinium used for enhanced MRIs are leaving toxic metal deposits.

-Dave Stetzer of Stetzer Electric says promotion of grounding sheets by David Wolfe and David Oberman is wrong. The devil is in the details. “It’s what we know that just ain’t so that’s the problem.”

-Regulation thermometry measures body temperatures and finds out how the autonomic nervous system is responding. Gives series of pictures of hot and cold spots as the body responds to different temps. Can you suggest a better name for this procedure?

-How to deal with the recirculated air in an airplane? Use a drop of an essential oil in the nose. Or a nasal spray with silver hydrogen peroxide. Or drink 15 drops of SSKI on the way to the airport. SSKI goes into the lining of the urinary and respiratory tract, works differently than iodine.

-Are nano particles going into the DNA and having a life of their own? Making us transhumans? Nano silver being applied to food wrappings as an antimicrobial. Is our DNA smarter than nanobots?

-Monica has a rash. Tried essential oil, bentonite clay, antihistamine, steroid creams, sauna, castor oil. What is the cause? Natural remedies? Homeopathic remedies – e.g. rhus tox, starting at 3-5 x/day, or anacardium, whatever matches symptoms. Support liver and kidneys with herbs such as silymarin and dandelion, Vitamin A. Need to detox. Toxins come out of the skin when the liver and kidneys aren’t working well enough. Look at what happened before the rash started. Check plants – exposure to poison ivy, poison sumac? Check if an anniversary date of a separation event. What happened at ½ or ¼ of her age?
-Matt in Kansas asks about emotional blockages and fear. Substitute the word loyalty for resistance. See that it’s an illusion. Focus on what you know to be true. The conscious mind is different than the unconscious, the part we don’t turn our attention to. A good recall healing facilitator tricks the client, because the conscious mind thinks it’s survival is being attacked by recall healing techniques. We were pre-verbal when the programs were instituted in us and have a blind spot to our physiological processing. EM Wave can be helpful to differentiate between what is conscious and unconscious, between soul/heart and the mind. Email MeridianGrace@gmail.com for recall healing forms.

-How did Patrick’s transitions to different careers go? One door shuts, another opens, but at the time, you feel like you’re totally screwed. It’s not in the past, it still feels real.

-“A crisis is an opportunity in disguise. There’s always a way to roll with the punch.” Harold Klemp

-If a sheep wanders too far away, it’s adrenals will shut down, so it has to lie down and will not wander further away.

Hour 3

-Robert in Houston asks about endoscopy. His friend was diagnosed with pancreatitis 20 years ago, gets some pain now in pancreas area. Friend’s amylase/lipase was high, but not 6x high, so she doesn’t meet definition of pancreatitis. If enzymes are going up, the body is trying to tell us something. Docs say endoscopy will rule out ulcers, infection, celiac, irritable bowel. Dr. Massey says get a hemoccult test. If negative, no ulcer or active celiac. Dr. Massey will not have a colonoscopy, doesn’t want a perforated bowel.

-Taking responsibility for oneself. Nourish, reduce inflammation, provide energetic support.

-Lee asks about grief and the lungs and what does recall healing say about air hunger? Breathing is life. After wars, TB comes around as an epidemic. Whenever we’re afraid of dying, the brain makes new lung tissue. When the crisis is over, a germ comes in to remove the excess lung tissue. Lung is about fear of dying. Bronchi are about drama in a person’s territory, is why we get flu during the holidays. Asthma is refusing to let go of the air, wanting to be in more than one place at a time. E.g. someone with 2 lovers, child wants to be out of its home.

-When we accept a thought as being real, the fear is in the body at that second. Body work helps release the emotions that are there, they’ve been there since birth.

-What is the cost of keeping old memories and thoughts hidden? Look at the “Ancestor Syndrome”, a book by Anne Schutzenberger. The body carries what the psychology can’t face. We are a living answer to the greatest suffering of our parents in the 9 months of conception and first year of life.

-Lynn’s MRI showed a spot on the lung. Should she have more MRIs? No irradiation from a MRI, but its magnetic fields create disturbances. Spend a day out on the dirt or sand after a MRI to balance out fields. Fear of dying is what creates cancer, and that fear gets promoted in hospitals..

-Do some people have adverse reactions to supplementing with iodine? How to test for iodine levels? Listen to Lynne Farrow’s ORN show. Depends on strength and type of iodine. Skin spot test – if still there after 24 hrs, you’re not absorbing it any more. If disappears after 4-5 hours, you probably need it.

-Steve asks for source of strophanthine. Dr. Cowan’s office, or Teabrasil.com.

-“The Complete Book of Fasting” by Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung. Fasting is natural, helped Jimmy Moore lose substantial weight. Why eat breakfast if you’re not hungry?

-Carol asks if there’s anything to counteract mandatory vaccinations? Look for exemptions, do 1 at a time if forced to have them, beware of hospitals, fight for your right to not be forced.

-Rash remedies: MMS or ultraviolet blood irradiation. Blend of minerals called Alkalinity Now, applied topically with a soaked cloth. MMS is strong but powerful. Baking soda with MMS reduces acidity, slows healing to a level we can handle, and improves taste.

-Louis Daniel Smith in Washington State was a big seller of MMS and was imprisoned. Bradfords of American Biologics were making stem cells, giving them away, and imprisoned. Can make your own stem cells cheaply if you know how.

-Why do people get colon polyps? What do you do about them? The colon is a place where we can hold onto things that have happened to us. The brain will make extra colon cells, so the body can let go of stuff. If we get more letting go cells, we’ll let go better. Do a life review, look at crummy things people have done to you. Gilbert Renaud says a colon polyp is “I have to forgive a separation”. When we have skin issues, it’s separation issues. Forgive a separation. Family of remedies.

-Practice gratitude.

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Dr. Richard Massey M.D. and Meridian Grace with a Plethora of natural healing ideas, April 27, 2017 ONE

Dr. Richard Massey M.D. and Meridian Grace with a Plethora of natural healing ideas, April 27, 2017 TWO

Dr. Richard Massey M.D. and Meridian Grace with a Plethora of natural healing ideas, April 27, 2017 THREE

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