Dr. Ron Kennedy

California Medical Doctor Sues Medical Board Over Intimidating Doctors Who Write Vaccine Medical Exemptions


Dr. Kennedy has been in medicine for almost 50 years. He is currently residing and practicing in the State of California.

After the passage of California SB 277 in 2015 which removed parental rights to refuse vaccines for their children, parents began coming to see him to see if they could receive a medical exemption for vaccines.

Dr. Kennedy believes that so many parents came to him because other doctors were afraid to write medical vaccine exemptions, fearing reprisals from the California State Medical Board.

Dr. Kennedy states that doctors fear the loss of their medical license for writing vaccine medical exemptions. This is reportedly what the Medical Board has tried to do with Dr. Bob Sears.

Dr. Kennedy states that the California Medical Board goes from school to school demanding medical records of children, without any permission from the parents. Dr. Kennedy says that according to his attorney, this practice by the Medical Board violates two federal laws and two state laws.

The Medical Board then allegedly examines these medical records of school children to find out which doctors are writing vaccine medical exemptions, and then goes after those doctors.

Dr. Kennedy claims that no doctor has been willing to stand up to this practice until now. He is suing each of the 14 members of the State Medical Board in California. (Health Impact News)


Dr. Kennedy’s mission with these lawsuits are to set a precedent that will protect Dr.’s in California and onto the rest of the states to protect their medical records and from using these tactics to attack the more alternative and creative doctors.  

The legal fees for taking this through appeal will be staggering.  If you care to donate you can easily do through his website:

Dr. Kennedy’s Website to Donate for legal expenses

Dr. Kennedy says that vaccines have never truly been tested the proper way to prove they are “Safe and Effective.”

Some years ago vaccine manufactures were give immunity from civil or legal claims for injury by Congress

The process that Dr. Kennedy goes through with parents wanting exemption notices is rigorous and not give just because parents believe vaccines are dangerous.

He explains how the theory goes is…adjuvents, such as mercury or aluminum, just to mention two…trigger the immune system to initiate a reaction to an outside pathogens

There are M.D.’s in California giving exemption notes to qualified patients today, as Dr. Kennedy continues to do to this day

Several years ago, California discontinued the private person from claiming a religious exemption to refuse vaccines


Dr. Ron Kennedy M.D. who is suing the individuals of the California Medical Board for demanding he turn over the private medical records of the children he offered vaccine exemption notes

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